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I spent years, looking for a song that I heard in music shop in the early 1990s and was told "oh that's Miles Davis"! So I started collecting and Built up a great collection of Miles Davis only to find out the song I was looking for was by Herbie Hancock ! For the record it was Hancocks "Cantaloupe Island" :facepalm:.
That is such a great tune. I'm a massive fan of Mile's Columbia years. The main band had Wayne Shorter on sax. And as drummer, Tony Williams was like a god to me. From my point of view he took jazz drumming to an entirely new and different level which I can only describe as having "balls". Maybe bombastic is another term to describe it but that alone is way too limiting since Tony had such finesse and taste. I've been running through my Columbia Years box set. I never get tired of listening to that band.