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Discussion in 'Recreation, Hobbies & Interests' started by MPH, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!


    I am guessing that many of you have a keen interest in watches. As such I was wondering if any of you are on any watch based forums?

    I'd love to find something similar to ATG but for watches. Preferably UK based, but I don't suppose that really matters.

    Any recommendations???

  2. Cristobal

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    Then you have more specific brand oriented forums (Omega, Rolex, etc.)

    Google is your friend in that matter, discovering and reading forums is part pf the fun.
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  3. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!

    Thanks! I will take a look.

    Yes, I meant a more general forum, with knowledgeable people and maybe a BST.

    One day it would be nice to frequent an Omega specific forum, but it's a little beyond me right now, and I don't see the point in torturing myself! Lol.
  4. Cristobal

    Cristobal Forum GOD!

    Watchuseek is also a good place to start, it's basically a Dutch based forum but it's pretty much international.
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  5. Daz

    Daz Über Member

    The watch forum is a friendly place to visit
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  6. Chief Brody

    Chief Brody Forum GOD!

    Amity Island
    I'm just starting to take an interest in watches, and horology. Going to check these forums out!

    Just out of interest - which watches tickle your fancies?
  7. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!

    I have started to participate a little on "The watch forum", but ironically Ive spent most of my time talking about wet shaving as I started a thread on it which hot some interest! I think most may have converted a couple of people too!!! Lol

    Watch wise I love a good dress watch, particularly with a moonphase!
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  8. N_Architect

    N_Architect Travel, See, Feel, Explore

    I've been member in a number of watch/horology forums for some good few years.

    TRF (The Rolex Forum, is U.S. based but it is the truly global forum.
    Large member base, a lot of focus on PP, AP, Rolex. Many good trusted sellers, most of them U.S. based, very few individual sellers in the BST.
    Aggressive and violent at times approach re moderation obviously, being a U.S. oriented community (slightly softer compared to the rough old times at B&B though), no pun intended to our North American fellow members here of course.
    As with many forums there is bias and steering of opinion towards "haute horlogerie" e.g. AP, PP, etc. and all the associated garbage.
    Many useful threads on fake watches, fake ebay listings, many personal reports/threads on people being mugged in the streets of Paris, Barcelona or London for their Rolex Daytona, etc.

    WatchUSeek is more geared toward Europe, large member base as well, many sub-forum sections on German watches, Pilot watches, etc.
    Good classifieds as well from individual users.
    Very bad moderation, been banned once as I was trying to build posts (despite writing abt haute horlogerie).
    Target was to reach 100 postings which would enable me to put watches in the BST section.
    Many sub-forums which are brand-specific are usually moderated by two individuals, one person from the forum and the other person from the specific watch manufacturer, e.g. in the Stowa forum one of the two mods is the founder of modern Stowa watches, Jorg Schauer. So there's no objective info or opinion, there, as one can obviously understand.

    TZ UK I am not familiar with, never been a member. I've seen the TZ founder on the Hodinkee video, that's abt it.

    The German is smaller in scale, leaner, more structured, but quite stiff by cultural nature obviously (exactly as the shaving forum is).

    There are some brand-specific forums, e.g. IWC run their own forum, Omega do the same, the manufacturers are supporting these forums. Few more other manufacturers used to back their own forums but now with the rise of social media many manufacturers have decided to stop supporting these forums and instead focus on IG, FB, etc. (typical example is Vacheron Constantin who have recently announced they will not be continuing to support their forum).

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  9. Chief Brody

    Chief Brody Forum GOD!

    Amity Island
    Great overview. I'll start with exploring watchuseek. As a total novice, I'm just getting into the basics of horology.
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  10. N_Architect

    N_Architect Travel, See, Feel, Explore

    Just to add, there's also network54 which predominantly is for Panerai fans.
    Some pretty knowledgeable people over there.
  11. Hiya,

    The Limey based TZ-UK forum's a good one for sure. I usta hang around there maybe 14-15 years ago and learned a bunch. Really nice group of guys in a well run setting.

    Matter of fact it was the place that bastard LeisureGuy (kidding you Michael) was babbling on inna post about some kinda "Zen like" shave and shaving forums and products. Helped hook me right into this goofy 'hobby'. Sheeesh!

  12. Beau Nidle

    Beau Nidle Well-Known Member

    South Wales
    I have been a member of TZ-UK. And for the best part of 20 years now. Both excellent sites with a friendly membership. Highly recommended.
  13. JayGee

    JayGee Forum GOD!

    South Wilts.
    TZ-UK is a great forum, recommended.

    The razor-spa used to list their restored vintage DE in the BST.
    It was these listings that gave me the the spur to try wet shaving (having had a beard for 20 years on/off as I HATED shaving)
  14. George.A

    George.A Über Member

    Bucharest, Romania
    AFAIK is not supported by Omega. It's an independent forum with a great community.

    As a starter, wus is I think the best forum to start with. You have from entry level watches to high end stuff with lots and lots of watches in the middle, so take your time and enjoy browsing it.
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