Uploading pics to site?


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clue in the title, how is it done chaps?
Take a photo on your phone, iPad ect and then press "upload a File" at the bottom of the page and that will take you to your photo storage on your phone, iPad ect press on the photo you want and it will come through and then you press thumbnail or full size and that's about it, if you have any difficaltly just come back and we will see if we can sort it. P.


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Preferably, though, get an account with imgur or another image hosting site, upload there, click the image button next to the emoji in the menu above, insert link from hosting site. ATG is running out of bandwidth, afaiu.

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Postimage has worked well for me, is simple to use, and does not require you to sign up for an account.

To upload an image, go to https://postimages.org/ and click on the Upload Images button. You will be asked to select the image to upload. After the image is uploaded, Postimage will display several links. The direct link is the one you want to use. Click on the Image toolbar button when entering your post. It is the one immediately to the right of the smiley face. A small window will appear asking for the image URL. Cut-and-paste the direct link from Postimage and click on the Insert button. The image will be inserted into your post.


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In the last decade, exept Imgur, all hosting has lost images.
But on ATG looks like is not allowed to share the link only.
I use URL tag, but the system changes in MEDIA tag and show the preview.

Is it normal? If yes, can I change something to post the link only?
I do not really like this way, I much more prefer this way.
Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.


If the image is on your computer just use the "Attach files" box below the text box. Or if you can display the image in a new tab you can right click and choose "copy image" and then paste directly into the text box.


If you want larger images, go to the top of the page and click "media" then select "your albums" and put your images in your album, then use them from there.

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Thank you. I can upload the image.
My point is how to post just the link (without preview) of a file on the (Imgur) hosting.


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Copy the permalink from imgur, hit the link button, it looks like two links of a chain, paste it in there and type how you want the link to be displayed e.g.
I want my link to look like this and not show a preview.
Never seen this.

Solved the puzzle.
Thank you.

Changing the text
Your [URL='https://i.imgur.com/KpCwQ1M.jpg']pic[/URL]
Your pic

Using the file name
View: https://i.imgur.com/KpCwQ1M.jpg

Using the page name
View: https://imgur.com/KpCwQ1M