Update on Morris & Forndran Shipping


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As we suggested earlier, the shipper we have used from the beginning of our Morris & Forndran relationship seems to have been especially affected by this pandemic.

Conversations to remedy the situation have been ineffective.

We therefore reached out to other shipping companies and recently sent a trial shipment through the company that appeared most promising. That shipment met the claimed time-frame, but at significantly increased cost.

We have always believed product quality and customer service should never be compromised. Predictable order turnaround is part of that belief.

Given the positive result of our test shipment, we plan to resume our pre-coronavirus Morris & Forndran shipping schedule for as long as the new shipper can maintain their promised shipping schedule.

We will absorb a portion of the increased costs, but until further notice, we will need to add a $5.00US shipping surcharge to Custom Morris & Forndran deposit invoices to help cover at least a portion. For the same reason, we will also be adding this $5.00 surcharge to the prices of ReadyMade Morris & Forndran brushes. (BSSW brush prices and deposit amounts will not be affected.)

Until we have more experience with the new shipper, we will keep advertised lead times on Custom Morris & Forndran brushes at three months. (We will, of course, notify you of any changes.)

We regret the rapid policy changes but at the end of the day, we want to be known for best-in-class service as well as for our brushes.

Thank you for your patience—and patronage!

Brad, Nancy and, of course, Gus

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