Unable now to access ATG on Firefox


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Please, can someone help me?

I use Window 10 and the Firefox browser. Yesterday, I did my usual morning Kaspersky Internet Security update after switching the laptop on, and a restart was requested. Since then, I have been unable to access ATG on Firefox. I have no difficulties accessing other websites on Firefox, including other forums, and I have had to resort to using Microsoft Edge to access this forum.
The screen message I keep getting for ATG only is this.



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Neither of those suggestions worked, Lee, however I've just uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and all is back to normal.:)

Thank you for the link, anyway.:)

Hey I can't reach the site from Chrome.

Only from Firefox & Android.
I am replying to you from Chrome now.

The issue will most likely be at your end. Similar to David above.
Good luck.


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I'm reading this on Firefox at the moment, no problems here David. No problems this end. I suggerst you open the settings pages and see if anthing out of the ordinary leaps out at you.
good luck.