Turkey for Xmas ? Alternatives - A Capon or ? Beef , Pork, Lamb, Veggie/Vegan.


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Due to the Convid situation there could be a shortage of Turkey, as more demand especially for smaller birds. Also due to the difficulties in getting skilled butchers, many of the Fancy stuffed creations may not be available.

I know Turkey is very much a YYMM thing, but I actually enjoy it especially a whole one for the darker leg meat. I tend to go for a Bronze or Norfolk Black costs more, but the taste is good.

Reading about the possible Shortage got me thinking of alternatives, and I remembered when young my parents getting Capon - Castrated Rooster, this process now not legal. I have discovered that Capons[ uncastrated ] are available as Roosters that have been raised on grass and herbs and grow to a decent size [ 4Kg up] and are much tastier than Chicken.

I have taken the plunge and ordered a Capon [ Rooster ] from a well regarded source, and cheaper than my usual Turkey.

As I sit down to eat it, I will have memories of Xmas Meals with my Parents,Brother and Sister who are no longer with us.

Wonder what other Folks are planning to do, any different things. I am getting some Venison in , just in case Xmas Deliveries
go wrong.


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This will be our first Christmas in our own house and not at my parents’ or the in laws’. I’m actually looking forward to it - I had decided after last Christmas that I wanted to do it at home this year. It’ll be strange to not be with the wider family but there are opportunities too.

Decorating the house will feel a bit more special and we’ll get the chance to make (or blend) our own traditions and routines. Particularly food.

My wife’s off the drink at the moment - she’ll probably have half a glass of fizz on Christmas Day - so I’ll probably buy a few bottles of wine to see me through. I’m thinking an English sparkling, an Amarone and a white from Bordeaux or Rioja.

My wife will be wanting gammon with parsley sauce on Christmas Eve, along with mash and peas. If it were me I’d be doing fish but, to be fair, she’ll win out. Christmas Day is as yet unresolved. As long as there’s bread sauce and pigs-in-blankets, the boss will be happy. I’m thinking that I’ll ‘just’ source a good chicken. Still in the planning stage on pudding. I’ll make a pie with the leftover chicken and ham on Boxing Day.

Time to start thinking it all through...

Northam Saint

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We will have the same as we always have from our local butcher. We have Locally raised Devon Long Horn rib joint. Lovely ! Meat cooked on the bone just to the point where it’s still nice an pink, fantastic !


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We’re probably having a roast but usually have pork or lamb as we're not overly gone on roast turkey and disagree on how beef should be cooked.

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Ahhh yeah, pigs in blankets, again butchers ones. A good selection of spirits, liqueur, wine and cider. Already have the Sherry, went into M&S last weekend and found it reduced from £9 to £3.


Always have this one too. Makes for a very nice trifle.


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I’d much prefer to have a joint of beef, leg of lamb or even a ham over turkey, but SWMBO won’t hear of not having a turkey. I must say though that she does make excellent turkey soup from the leftover carcass, meat and giblets, which freezes well.


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We generally have a selection of meats. I'm not a massive fan of turkey, but daughter loves it, so we'll most likely be having a gammon, a pork loin joint, a nice lump of beef - slow cooked and small turkey crown.
The meats get sliced and what is left over get put into pies, curries or frozen for buffet type lunches over the holidays.
Can't wait.


Paper Plane

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Totally vegetarian in our house, as it has been for 20+ years we have been together. Depending on how Mrs Plane is recovering from her booked November op, if we go to Daughter it will be vegan.

steve (vegetarian for over 40 years)


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Steve - I went mostly vegetarian this year, though I still eat fish and eggs. Just no meat.

Could you share some vegetarian ideas for a nice meal?


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Not anticipating any shortage of turkey here. That said, we usually only have 4 for the holiday meal now down to 2 because of social distancing so a small turkey is what we usually get. If that becomes unavailable a bone in ham will do. Lamb is out because neither of us are fond of it and so is beef roast or pork roast as that is an every Sunday meal.

I actually enjoy a bone in ham better than turkey. Then there is the ham hash meals, ham sandwiches and a great pot of French pea soup that is good for another 2-3 meals. We'l have to see what the boss says.



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Our butcher believes there may actually be a glut of turkeys as a result of reduced demand due to Coronavirus uncertainties. We'll opt for turkey, our (now adult) children wouldn't accept any alternative, we're just not sure how many we'll be catering for or whether to choose traditional carcass, turkey crown or our butcher's turkey roll. To me turkey roll wouldn't seem right - no dark meat.


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I’d much prefer to have a joint of beef, leg of lamb or even a ham over turkey, but SWMBO won’t hear of not having a turkey. I must say though that she does make excellent turkey soup from the leftover carcass, meat and giblets, which freezes well.
Actually our normal Christmas Day meal becomes somewhat of a challenge in meeting the dietary needs of our children, their spouses and our grandchildren: we’ve 2 vegans, 1 vegetarian, 1 lactose intolerant and several carnivores. I’m at the carnivore end of the spectrum, whereas SWMBO is somewhere in the middle depending on the weather in the Channel at the time. Makes for interesting meal planning and preparation. This year, however, it will be just the 2 of us, sadly.