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Top 5 soaps

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Nishy, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. In no particular order:

    * DR Harris
    * MdC
    *Valobra (stick,puck and also includes Czech and Speake and Art of Shaving pucks as they are made by Valobra)
    * Haslinger (though wish the pucks were bigger)
    *Tabac/Irisch Moos

    Honourable mentions to Reef point, NSS tallow, La Saponeria Artigiana coconut and the mighty Palmolive..mean and green and the best value shaving soap on the earth today! Well in the UK at least.
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  2. Bigboar

    Bigboar Senior Member

    Tough one this...

    1) Razorock XXX (AdP)
    2) Proraso green.
    3) Soap Commander Courage.
    4) Vintage Yardley.
    5) Floris Elite.


    Greg x


    Fu*k fu*k!!! No 1 should be original P160!!!!!!!
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  3. lastcoyote

    lastcoyote Veteran

    Current 5 favourites are:

    Martin de Candre
    La Savonniere du Moulin
    Le Pere Lucien
    Haslinger 'Schafmilch'
    Nannys Silly Soap 'Traditional'
  4. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Cosmic Member

    La Savonniere du Moulin
    Mike's Natural Soaps
    CRSW New Formula
  5. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson Forum GOD!

    West Sussex, UK
    Mine has changed rather a lot in just 4 weeks...

    Martin De Candre
    Klar Seifen
    Fitjar Islands
    Mitchells Wool Fat
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  6. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Since July my preferences have now changed and I feel I have settled on my best. That being:
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  7. lastcoyote

    lastcoyote Veteran

    I see you both mention Fitjar. Their cream is a favourite of mine but not tried the soap. Should I?
  8. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Mikes gets a lot of love here, looks like I'll have to try it!
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  9. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson Forum GOD!

    West Sussex, UK
    I've got the soap but not the cream (ordered this morning!) I haven't quite managed to dial in in 100% yet but initial uses are very promising, I've found the lather to be slightly thinner than my usual soaps but its quite protective and post shave feel is very good. Only negative that comes to mind is the fact you have to load it heavily for a good lather, its not like MDC!
  10. Optometrist

    Optometrist Forum GOD!

    I've just tried my first L&L Grooming soap (Darkfall) and am so impressed, my top soaps are now just two brands - Eufros JabonMan Premium Tallow, and L&L.
    The sale of all others, including B&M, has taken place. No need for more.
  11. Sid James

    Sid James ...

    Why is loading heavily a negative? Just curious. This shaving soap, cream stuff is pennies a shot.
  12. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson Forum GOD!

    West Sussex, UK
    It might not be an issue for someone else, but after using MDC & Klar both of which only require about 7 seconds light loading, having to apply pressure whilst loading for 30+ seconds on the Fitjar seems a bit naff.

    "Load it like you hate it" I think Nishy says :laugh:
  13. lastcoyote

    lastcoyote Veteran

    I personally don't mind at all loading heavily....however if after loading a soap heavily and then only getting a thin lather from it I'd stop using that soap.
  14. Burgundy

    Burgundy Forum GOD!

    I had a similar reaction with L&L Grooming. It's alongside Eufros Tallow for me also. Mike's Natural completes my triumvirate of current favourite tallow soaps. I also love Wickham 1912 and Martin de Candre which have different properties and complete my current Top Five.
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  15. Mike's Natural
    CRSW (new formula)
    L&L Grooming

    I agree on L&L. It might actually be my favorite soap of the one's listed above and that says a lot. I have the Dark Fall, Harmony, After the Rain & just finished Marshlands.

    Unconditional Surrender will be released in a few days (L&L and Chatillon Lux.)

    This Bison tallow is a different type of lather, so elastic with a unique yogurt like consistency. Marvelous soap.
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