Pass Around Tom's 3D printed Wabbit injector razor

Sorry Chaps , work and other commitments mean my time is at a premium at the moment and I will not be able to give the time the razors deserve on the pass around .
If you would be good enough to remove me from the list , I would be grateful .
Sorry to waste your time .
Regards .


The changes for the Wabbit V3 (as far as I'm aware) are:
A slightly different handle. Tom's idea, not mine :)
There is now a choice of magnets:
- a pair of rectangular magnets at the centre. Just like V1 and V2
- a pair of 3x2mm round magnets at the centre
- two pairs of 3x1.5mm round magnets either end of head/cap
That way there is a greater choice of magnets, especially as the rectangular magnets are not readily available in Europe.
As far as I know, the razor should be the same otherwise.

I have ordered some 3x1.5mm magnets and I'm having a V3 razor printed (in transparent PLA, because it was an option)
After I've given the razor a test run the V3 will join the pass around.

Anyone who already has tried V1 and V2 and wants to try V3 as well, please let me know.
You can have all three for testing.

The Wabbit is a work in progress, but it's getting there.


Forum GOD!
I tried the razors for the first time tonight in a side-by-side trial and really enjoyed using them. I've not used any 3-D printed razors before, so this was very much a first for me.

Brian (@culcreuch) was kind enough to send me some Proline blades to try, so I loaded each razor with them. The result was a smooth, efficient and irritation free shave.

I preferred the v2 razor slightly more as the ergonomics felt right and the v1 struggled a little bit in the areas where I usually shave ATG on my neck on each pass.

I'll try them both with some Chicks and then some Personna's over the next couple of days to see whether they affect the shave. :)


The pass around is briefly suspended.
The V3 has been printed and should be with me shortly.
After assembly and a test shave, I'll send it to @ajc347 and the pass around will resume.
If I don't forget, I'll send some spare magnets as well. Just in case.

Here are some pictures from the printer.
The transparent PLA is not as spectacular as transparent resin, but I wanted to see the difference.