Today's poison – what's in your glass?


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I'm sure there are those in here with a capability (and nack) for enjoying what life has to offer in liquid form. So hit it away, gentlemen, what's tonight's poison?

Myself, no photo, but a local white IPA. The wheat mellows the hops just enough for me, a very enjoyable beer.


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As it is an average working week - nothing stronger than Sugar-Free Vimto. But I do chug 4 pints a night.


a most elusive fish
Wifey and wee one long in their beds. Some me-time before joining them.

This is a Swedish whisky called Mackmyra. A special edition that came in 2008 I believe, and it has been kept on Sauternes barrels. Has mellowed somewhat but was quite raw and really bore the influence of that dessert wine.
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Water from the fridge, it's too bloody hot for anything else. A pox on this god-forsaken weather, winter is coming.


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Tea as usual and tonight was the turn of Steenberg's English Breakfast - a lovely brew indeed! It is never too hot for a pot.