To bloom or not to bloom


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I can't bring myself to not bloom, seems wrong. I did however reduce my load time to 5 seconds and still had enough for a 3 pass shave even though I only ever do 1...


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I don't bloom my soaps, but I did, when I began with classical wetshaving.
Now, I only splash some drops of water on a soap, before loading the brush, just to wet the surface and ease the loading.
No blooming but as others mentioned I do re hydrate MWF by putting warm water on the puck after the shave and leaving over night to absorb the water.
It helps to prevent the cracking and shrinking of the soap. Still lathers great for me though, regardless.


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I have experimented since posting the OP a few weeks ago. In my honest opinion loading, building lather and overall results were improved with all my soaps when they WERE bloomed. I put a few millimeters of warm water on the puck and leave it while I shower. I use some soap water on my face and load up for 30 seconds. I have noticed a thicker lather with noticably more slickness from the off. I'm going to continue to bloom my soaps from now on.


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Just scanned through this thread.
I am surprised people don't bloom.

Like Wayne, I pop a little on the soap while I have a quick shower.
I just think it makes a bit of a difference.

Edit: I guess it will depend on the amount of time one spends in the shower.
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Yes I bloom. But not always. If the brush I use is small and has not powerful backbone, I definitely bloom the soap, especially the hard pucks.

Then I squeeze almost all the water from the brush and let the party begin. I find that the quality of the lather is better.


I almost never bloom. However, if I have a very hard soap, I may (right before loading) put some water on the top and quickly rub both thumbs over the surface of the soap. This seems to loosen the fits layer of the soap.

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Wet brush, dry soap, works great for me. If softer soap works better for some of you, why not just buy a croap or cream, instead of sogging up a puck?