Timeless Titanium base plate advice


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Searched through the older threads but couldn't find anything specific with regards to my dilemma. My apologies if this has all been said before.

Christmas is coming up and I need a(nother) new razor. At the moment I am getting good results from the following razors:
1. Game changer .84 - smooth but could be more efficient
2. Rex - efficient but somehow don't feel comfortable with this razor. Want to like it but it just feels like it wants to bite me
3. Timeless .68 SS with SC base plate - Efficient and smooth. I love everything about this razor....except the weight. I could also do with just a bit more efficiency.

So I naturally feel very drawn to the timeless ti model of razor, but which base plate would make the most sense? I am torn between these 2 options:
1. .95 Ti SB
2. .68 Ti dual SB/OC

I realize nobody will be able to make the decision for me, but would be grateful for your thoughts.


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So you're talking about adding a Ti baseplate to a SS razor? My personal view is that if you want to go lighter anywhere in a razor, it's in the handle.

I have a Timeless Ti 0.95 OC, and a Timeless 0.95 scalloped on a Ti handle. I find it very hard to choose between them.

In your position, I personally would buy a 0.95 SS baseplate and a Ti handle, or get a whole Ti razor.


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@wintoid - thanks for the reply. Just realized I was a bit unclear in my post. I‘ll be purchasing the whole razor, just undecided about the configuration of the base plate.


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@Ventastic oops my mistake I think. I was thinking about the title more than your actual message, apologies!

Based on how soft the 0.95ti oc is on my face, I’m not sure I’d buy the ti in 0.68, but of course that’s very personal


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I shave daily and the .68 OC Ti is my go to baseplate, if I skip a day or 2 I then use my .95 OC/SB Ti


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I shave daily and the 95 DC OC / SB in TI is smooth and efficient especially with a feather. I have the 68 in TI also and but to me the TI make both gap feel a bit milder compared to the SS


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I have decided to go with the Ti .95 SB. For

To reduce weight on my current .68 SS scalloped razor gap alternative, I will probably try using my .68 scalloped SS base plate with the titanium handle and cap (at the risk of the razor being a bit top heavy). This should bring down the weight of my current razor and I'd have a completely different razor with the .95.

Thank you all for the good advice.

Any idea if timeless do black Friday discounts? :wink:


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I have a ti in 0.95 open comb and it is one of my all time favourite razors-superbly efficient yet very easy to use also had the ti 0.95 in cc and no appreciable difference between them for me-but prefer the oc version as just a tad more efficient-


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Received my Timeless Ti .95 yesterday and took it for a test drive this morning with an Astra SP. I know it is a bit early to say this now, but this razor is definitely a keeper. I was worried about the higher blade exposure, but this was definitely not warranted. The Ti version seems even smoother and more forgiving than my SS scalloped .68. Super smooth with no irritation whatsoever.

Thanks all once again for the good advice.