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The Shave Doctor - Shave Gel Oil

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by SensitiveGuy, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. SensitiveGuy

    SensitiveGuy Veteran

    Portsmouth, UK
    I had high hopes. I've just oil for shaving in the past, and it's been ok, so when a the offer of a free sample popped into my inbox, I figured why not!

    Pre shave consisted of a wash with my usual liquid soap in teped water, and a towel dry.

    The Shave Gel comes as a roll on which is interesting over the sensitive / softer areas of the face, it smells slightly of ethanol, which I don't find overly pleasant but goes on well, with a slight cooling effect.
    Unfortunately I found it quickly turned to a claggy feeling, again not overly pleasant.
    So far not great, but I persevered in the hope the shave would be slick and effective.

    Today I was using the Stahly head, on a Merkur 30C handle, Astra SS blade, shave #3.
    I started at the cheeks, an area that fares well under most circumstances.
    Whilst the razor felt slick moving over the skin, it felt like the blade was ripping and pulling at every hair as it went past.
    The hairs clogged up the head, and were difficult to rinse through, but I soldiered on doing both cheeks before giving up. Washed all the oil off, lathered up with my usual Wickhams soap and had a a rather enjoyable remainder of a shave. I even tried ATG which I've not been brave enough to do since my retraining (joining this forum), and have to say, with the exception of a little extra work needed on the chin I was very pleased.

    Star of the show: Stahly head - thank you again @Andreas
    Major let down: Shave Oil - YMMV

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  2. Pepvalue

    Pepvalue Member

    The third rock
    Am I correct to assume you used the shaving oil alone to shave? Meaning you did not put any cream or soap on top of the oil. This would explain the "claggy feeling."