The perfect shaving bowl?


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Hi everyone,

Question for you all; what do you consider to be the perfect height, diameter (at top / bottom) and profile for a shaving bowl?

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Mine is about 104 mm wide at the brim, which is too narrow for my liking given the depth of 60 mm, both inner measurements. The diameter impedes swirling and the handle keeps bumping into the sides. In my experience.

Ratio should at least be >2 I’m guessing. Case in point, Steve Woodhead’s suribachi is at 2 (150 to 75). Symmetrical Pottery is just under 2 (130 to 66).


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I consider The Captains Choice bowl to be the ideal size, deep enough to build the lather and wide enough so you do not continually clank your precious brush against the side causing damage to both items. Dimensions are 4 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" deep. I had Victoria from Little Wren Pottery make mine to those dimensions and I'm very happy with it.
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The ones I most frequently use are a simple glass bowl measuring 11,5x5 cm (4,5"x2"), that's my daily driver, and the stainless steel Aesop bowl measuring 13x5 cm (5"x2") for more fancy days. :laugh: I prefer the glass one due to the weight. What I like most about both is that they don't have straight walls like the Captain's Choice Bowl, which makes it easier to navigate the brush around and work the lather. I don't know if ridges help or not, but the glass bowl has an uneven surface.


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When I tried bowl lathering my favourite was a bowl I found at a thrift store. The dimensions were about 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep. More importantly it had a pattern of slight ridges on the interior which really helped in making the lather. As for materials ceramic or molded plastic would be the way to go