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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Dipesh, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Dipesh

    Dipesh Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Hi all,

    So we are now well into 2017 and with Feb being a short month, I thought it would be fun to try this.

    So the idea is, you pick a soap, and use it constantly for 1 month!

    The idea behind it is that you will really get to dial in the soap, get to know it a bit better than if you were to chop and change with a few soaps a week and hopefully we can get some good thoughts on the soap within the thread.

    I've been doing this for a while now, I warn you, the discipline needed to stick to it is pretty hard! Sometimes though you finish a product and it is quite a satisfying feeling, also as you are used to the product, you will get some great shaves.

    So first up, i've got a grated Speik Shaving Stick, milled down in an old Razorock container.

    I won't be shaving today but it will be up for duty tomorrow morning.
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  2. DamianJ

    DamianJ Forum GOD!

    I will be finishing a Wickham 1912 Citrus Musk in the next day or two. Making a decent dent in another soap by sticking to the next one this whole month is tempting. However the group buy 1912 will be landing this month... can I resist trying it until March?
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  3. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    I'll be sticking to MdC this month, but with the occasional try of the sample LE from Jabonman and P&B.

    Definitely get a better understanding and result when taking time with a product and gaining experience.
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  4. Missoni

    Missoni Fellow Traveller

    Lots of Places
    ...ok...I'll go with SV Manna di Sicilia for this month...
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  5. Driftwood

    Driftwood Legendary Member

    I'll give it a go too and stick with OSP Neroli for February
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  6. Sid James

    Sid James ...

    I don't think it's difficult at all. I used Boellis Panama 1924 today, so, almond all month it is.
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  7. Uncle Bertie

    Uncle Bertie Forum GOD!

    1970s Gibbs Sport from France for me. I'll take a "before" photo so I can see how much gets used.
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  8. DamianJ

    DamianJ Forum GOD!

    OK I'm in. I've just finished the 1912 so now I'll be sticking with P&B Baskerville for the rest of the month. I may, however, need to try the group buy 1912 when that arrives.
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  9. Thalasos

    Thalasos Forum GOD!

    Hello, gents. I'm in with Musgo Real Classic Cream, as started this week with this challenge. Maybe some Saturday I play with Musgo Real soap... I want finish something before buy some others soaps.
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  10. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Great product, lovely scent.
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  11. Cheesepiece

    Cheesepiece Gold Member No. 8

    Ok, didn't shave today. Will go with Macca Root as it was up next in the rotation tomorrow. I'll put the RazoRock R160, Simpsons Café Latte and Meißner Tremona Dark Limes away.
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  12. Burgundy

    Burgundy Forum GOD!

    I'm not quite at a place where I can do this but I'm very much looking forward to people's reviews and experiences! I find that using a variable exclusively for
    a number of shaves does help you to put your finger on the pulse of what you like and what you really like.
  13. Thalasos

    Thalasos Forum GOD!

    This is the tube's aspect today.
    I will upload a shot on February, 28th.

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  14. Nick_S

    Nick_S Beer & Blades

    Stoke on Trent
    I'm not sure I could do this, as I enjoy my soap variety. I've been using Nivea Cream for the last 6 days on the trot so it's not out of the realms of possibility I suppose.
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  15. DamianJ

    DamianJ Forum GOD!

    I'm sure you could stick to P&B for a month from what I remember.
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