The do's and don'ts...


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Basically don't spend loads of money on more products than you can ever use (with the justification of "saving money").

I'm trying not to save any more money as I've saved so much already.


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He covers some excellent points for beginners to wet shaving. Love the irony of this coming from someone with a full beard.



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I've watched other videos like this before. Basically it's just common sense, to struggle against compulsive buys (which can be like some sort of addiction).

The problem nowadays is that the offer in wet shaving products is so large (the hype makes it very profitable) that the beginner wants to try everything available; he's a target, or a prey...

Fora don't help either...

When I started, the trending advise were to start with a well recognised razor (like the Merkur HD) and stick to it in order to improve your technique. Furthermore, most of the brushes were made of badger and soaps not as diverse or numerous as today (almost no artisan product), so it could really take (a long) time to master the lathering process. In short at that time, choices were pretty much restricted and the marketing in this sector was almost non existent.

However, there's still the 'quest of the best product' (that will match your needs) to consider and that can lead you to buy many gears until you get satisfied. The problem is just to be able to know/decide when to stop buying or trying new things (to take good SOTD photos for instance).

At some point in your 'quest', you will plateau (financially, emotionally, etc) and I think that this is where this man is at now, hence the need to dispense good advice.


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I can see where the dude is coming from. Good advise for anyone in there, especially about luxury items. SS Artisan razors, hand turned brushes and £20 soaps are just that, luxury items, if you play Golf or fish or make model tanks you will always find the guys who spend nothing and swear they get just as much pleasure, they probably do, go to your own pocket everytime.