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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Redd, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    Though it about time we had another cream thread........

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away….. people used to pay homage to the ones known as the 3 T’s (Trumpers, Taylors and Truefitt & Hill) and pretty much everyone agreed – they were good.

    But this did not last.

    People began moaning that they being made by a single company – Creightons. The fickle, naysayers and snobs alike pooh-pooh’d this industrialisation as being a step towards Gillette-ism and grumbled of the loss of individuality (unlike say, Mr Xavier Speculum who sits in his bedroom, milking unicorn tears and charges you for his privilege - allegedly).

    To this I say cobblers. I have used many creams, with different labels, but all made by Creightons and there are clear differences in quality and performance (good to really good) and these are reflected to an extent by the difference in price – T&H being that little bit nicer and more luxuriously priced.

    This is not supposed to be an anti-artisan rant, so please don’t take it that way, it is just to say that just because a company manufactures a variety of brands, it does not necessarily mean they are blands.
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  2. 1morepasswill

    1morepasswill Forum GOD!

    I've used T&H creams as well as TOBS creams and despite me knowing this I always felt there was a definite difference in feel and performance for me anyway. I've probably used other creams made by Creighton's but I've never really noticed any striking similarities.
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  3. The T's is where we all began. Creightons is certainly an asset and know their business as well as anyone. I was in London in July for work and it was the first time I didn't visit the shops.

    I just thought of what I use now...Phoenix & Beau, OSP, Mike's, and the amazing Sudsy Soapery. i will admit I do miss Trumpers Rose & Violet. Next trip!
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  4. Nico1970

    Nico1970 Forum GOD! Staff Member

    A very interesting hypothesis Mick @Redd and one which is, perhaps, a lot closer to the truth than most folk would care to imagine or admit.

    I must say, I always enjoy using creams from the three T's - and you are absolutely spot on, T&H is that little bit 'better' than the other two - and it would be a poorer world if they were not there.
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  5. Gordy

    Gordy Legendary Member

    Norn Iron
    Plenty of decent products made by them.
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  6. sɐǝɹpu∀

    sɐǝɹpu∀ riverrun

    If you want to try Creightons for a song: 'Groomed' shaving cream for just over a pound at Lidl (BOGOF even, maybe?) is made by them.
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  7. Gairdner

    Gairdner Legendary Member

    Great Britain
    I love Creighton's products and nary a single one as ever let me down. TOBS are great but I love Trumper's Rose and Violet like @vtmax above. Made in England and bloody marvellous! Good post @Redd :D
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  8. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    There has to be an acceptance of a law of economics, could each of these (and other brands) afford to have their own manufacturing establishments - without a whopping cost being added (and passed on to consumer).

    A few years ago I went on a brewery trip to Marston's home of the excellent Pedigree. A traditional manufacturer, still in Burton on Trent with lots of erm pedigree.

    On the day we visited we were told on the tour that 'today was a Hobgoblin/Wychwood day (probably - if I remember rightly) ' . The bloke taking us around explained that they made a variety of beers for other 'breweries' - not just under the Marston label. It worked well for them as they could utilise their spare capacity by allotting days to different customers, while they in turn just had to provide their own specific recipes, ingredients etc... and have it brewed by professionals in a traditional manner.

    And this I think is probably the best parallel to the Creighton system.
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  9. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Does anyone have a definitive list of Creighton shaving products?
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  10. Gordy

    Gordy Legendary Member

    Norn Iron
    I read somewhere that Creighton's no longer produce creams for Taylor's and Trumpers. .
  11. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

  12. Gordy

    Gordy Legendary Member

    Norn Iron
    It's on a few websites, Taylor's definitely now making the creams themselves, well another maker probably. Trumper's I can't find definitely but in communication with the company a while back, they stated they were making the creams themselves and soaps made elsewhere.
  13. Gordy

    Gordy Legendary Member

    Norn Iron
    Everything referencing Trumper's and Taylor's to Creighton's is all before 2011. On the three Creighton's websites, only St.James, T&H and RSC are mentioned. This is probably due to these bring their own brands. The older Creighton's website did have Trumper's and Taylor's on the site, under brands they produced for.
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  14. chris.hale

    chris.hale Legendary Member

    Cumbria, England
    Being a fan of Marston's ale and Pedigree in particular, I am not disappointed to hear that they also brew Hobgoblin, another beer that always goes down very nicely. :)
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  15. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    It is always a big decision in the Supermarket - Pedigree or Spitfire
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