Test photos with light tent


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Just took delivery of a light tent yesterday to help me photograph my leatherwork.

Still need some practice with it and also need some different backgrounds but so far I’m happy with it.

Any tips of using light tents and what makes good backgrounds (ie types of material) appreciated.



Forum GOD!
Variety is the spice of life :) You seem to pull it off fine both with wood and white background.

More importantly, that is some terrific leather work!
Thanks Halvor, I'm hoping to get myself motivated to set up an Etsy shop soon but first I thought I needed some practice at doing some product shots hence buying the light tent.


Forum GOD!
The leather and pictures look great. Concerning a light tent or box. I prefer cooler light in the 5000 Kelvin range. I can tweak colors/contrast/etc with post editing software. I use wood (as you), velvet, and poster board for background. You certainly are on the right track.



Shaving Boar
I know nothing about photography but for some reason a wood background works for leather, maybe seeing the grain of the wood implies the quality of the leather.
Great workmanship, my hat's off to you.