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Another offering to our fine members. Tatara Masamune have fairly recently started producing badger brushes to compliment their wonderful razors.

A few details for your consideration from João at Tatara:

"The Masamune brush was made to be a strong match for the Masamune razor.

For that we and our neighbours Semogue worked together to make this brush. While we designed and CNC milled the brush, Semogue was responsible for the brush knot."

Main details:
Stainless steel handle:
Knot diameter: 24 mm
Knot height: 50 mm
Hair quality: Finest badger hair
Weight: 89 gr

João was also kind enough to include a few pictures of the brush:

We would like to offer this brush as a pass around. Really looking forward to trying it myself. With Semogue and Tatara Masamune in collaboration I am expecting a top class product. The heavier stainless steel handle will be interesting to try too.

For the pass around please adhere to the following rules:

1. Brush must be sent by special delivery.
2. If lost the cost of the brush is your responsibility (price is 109 Euros)
3. Any damages are to be covered by the culprit.
4. Please don't hog the brush. 2 weeks maximum.

If interested please add your name to list below:
(Brush to be returned to Nishy once PIF is complete)
1. Nishy
  1. Nishy
  2. bagman
  3. p.b
  4. Stonec0ld
  5. 2hot 2trot

Thank you!