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  1. To any swimmers or triathletes out there, can anyone recommend a brand and style of goggles that resists fogging? I swim a few times a week in a heated indoor pool but am getting more and more annoyed that I have to stop every couple of lengths to clear the fog. My current pair are Zogg large frame type but I've tried numerous others over the years and non seem to be any better.

    Alternatively, is there some kind of spray that can be used each time they are used?
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    I bought these last year and been very impressed.http://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-turbo-tinted-lens-goggle/
  3. Thanks for the link - I noticed that it also has a spray. Maybe that's what I need to order as well. I had actually already placed an order for a very similar pair of Speedo goggles that have a good review.
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  6. Thanks Nishy - they are the ones I went for and at £10 on Amazon I don't mind replacing them every so often.
    @lloydrm - I've tried the Aquasphere and Zogg in that style but both pairs suffered from the anti-fog coating disappearing pretty quickly. My understanding is that the Speedo Futura has the anti fog incorporated in the lense rather than applied as a cover so I'm hoping it will last longer.
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    The anti fog with regards to Speedo lasts a maximum of 3 weeks or 15 uses for me
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    Near Edinburgh
    Not sure if this would work for swimming googles but many years ago when I used to ride a motorbike I was taught a tip to keep the visor fog free. While the visor is clean and dry put a very small amount of washing up liquid on the inside and rub it over the inner surface and then leave the visor to dry. It worked very well, but I suspect that with swimming googles the moment you get them wet it may become ineffective.
  9. It could be quite a sight me swimming with bubbles forming at the sides of my goggles. :wink:
    The manufacturer's recommend that nothing is put on the insides of the lens - not even to wipe them - just allow them to dry after running under warm water to remove chlorine. I suspect that goggles are purposely designed with a limited life span.
    I've just remembered that @jaycey is a keen swimmer - maybe he has some tips.
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    Googles I use for pool swimming are a large frame google. Aqua Sphere - Vista, they are the most comfortable leak resistant google I have ever used in over 30 years of swimming. They also have excellent peripheral vision properties.

    I have found no googles that claim anti-fog last long. I'm old school, when the google is dry spit and rinse in fresh water. Works for me :wink:

    I was recently given a tip (by a competitive swimmer) that Johnsons Baby shampoo rubbed on to dry lenses and then rinsed in fresh water works wonders.

    I'm sticking with spit & rinse.
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  11. Thanks Jay. I've had two pairs of Aqua Sphere and agree that they are very comfortable - however both lost their coating pretty quickly, or quicker than I expected. Maybe it's my expectation that's at fault together with the fact that I've been cleaning them with shower gel after use. I'll let you know how the latest Speedos work.
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    Lasted 3 weeks for me, I did have a prescription pair of goggles before (Speedo) which didn't fog up. But they were stolen. Good luck to the thief, at - 6.50 and - 5.50 it should be an adventure.
  13. Nishy, before I had lenses inserted I was just about the same prescription as you. At some point I ran a pub and used to challenge the regulars to a game of pool where I would not wear my specs - but they had to. They likened the effect to about 8 pints of Strongbow.
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    Sounds about right :)
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    I'm a big swimmer, work as a lifeguard as a job, and swam for I'd say 25 years.. Can't beat Aquasphere, Kaiman is the model I use currently and they are superb, literally spit and rub it around and rinse and off you go, rinse with cold water once you've finished, and store in the case

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