SV soap lather advice?


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I got some small SV soap samples to try them. For building the lather , I take an almond sized piece and spread it at the bottom of my mug creating a really thin layer on which I then load my dumb brush from which I removed most water until there is no soap left on the mug. Then I start face lathering, adding a few drops of water , brushing my face, adding again a few drops etc. A nice rich thick cream develops , and I continue to add a few drops of water expecting that there will be a point where it explodes to a big volume with long peaks but such a thing never happens. Instead the lather reaches a point where it becomes less dense and I am left wondering if I have passed the optimal point. Am I doing something wrong? How can I understand when my lather is ready?


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Firstly don't fall for the myth that a thick dense lather is best for you. I prefer a thinner slicker lather when straight razor shaving or the same for milder razors.

To ascertain whether you require less water or more product, best option is to keep everything in the mug. In other words don't face lather. Fully appreciate that you picked up all of the soap prior to face lathering. But keeping everything in the bowl allows a little more precision IMO. Once dialed in to your preferred preference, then proceed to face lathering.


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What Nishy said and I also believe it is difficult to work with samples. Dry drier brush and add water very slowly.


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Most probably you added too much water, it happens quite easy with samples. I had a SV sample once, didn't lather good, tossed it.
Anyway, try putting the full sample in the bowl instead of a chunk. You don't have to spend it all at once, but it's easier to load and tolerable to more water.

When I use samples (almond sizes etc) I do not face lather.
Reason is - The sample doesn't have to be loaded like a full tub of soap. It is loading and building lather at the same time in the bowl.
As soon as you add a bit of water and start swirling the lather starts to appear. So really no point in doing it on the face again, I just finish it in the bowl.