Surprising find in St James London

Doti B

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Was in central London to stock up on a few bits and pieces from Trumper. Just around the corner in Burlington Arcade I stumbled across a nice littler shaving spot. It is run by a very knowledgable lady and they stock a lot of things from vintage razors to brushes to creams/soaps etc. Reasonably priced and she does have quite a few aartisan soaps which were nice. Place is called St James Shaving Emporium. They have a website
If you’re in the St James or Piccadilly areas it’s worth taking a look. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience


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Ah, they've changed their name I think, used to be called Carlo Anichini when I went in last year. It's a good spot and the prices are OK for a brick and mortar place in that location


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Visited this shop during a London trip this summer. Agree, nice stock and reasonable prices for the location. Was tempted by some nice Simpson brushes but was able to resist and went for a lovely white shaving bowl from Ceramiche di Sicilia instead.
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