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The Razor ..
Paul Drees Sistrum by Werner Briedenbach. I just purchased this from Brad, our very own @cairnish . I had admired the Sistrum for some time, and coming from Brad, I knew it would be in pristine condition! I had intended to give it a few finishing laps on a favored coticule or the synthetic Kouseki. but time precluded that. Certainly not because I didn't trust Brad's edge... an HHT showed to edge to be everything I would expect.... it's just a long held habit with a razor new to me. I must say that Brad's edge shaved me as well as any razor I have... He will take a back seat to NO one...

The Brush ..
Simpsons M6 Manchurian ..

The Soap ..
Czech & Speake "88" ..

The Finish ..

Czech & Speake Vetiver Verte EdT