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Please don’t think I’m being purposely offensive but this razor appears to be a contradiction. I’ve always thought Frameback razors were utilitarian - so to see one in ivory scales seems strange. However, Steve, having seen just parts of your collection, it would not surprise me if you own lots of similar examples.
Hello Rob,

Ivory framebacks of that period were fairly common, 7-day frameback sets in ivory can be had at a reasonable price compared to the normal hollow ground razors.

Here’s a nice E. A. Berg.



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@Steve56 - thanks for educating me Steve. I have quite a few framebacks - both fixed and removable blades - but none as nice as you have.
YW sir, it’s probably easier to find the old framebacks in Europe than here, I keep an eye on eBay France and UK. A good frameback shaves as well as anything IMHO.

Wade and Butcher semi-stub out for it’s maiden shave. Software was Floris 89 and a Keyhole 3 two-band by @Life2short1971 did the lathering. Superb shave, the chocolate kiita stands proud today.

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