Stirling Aftershave Splashes

They do seem pricey, what size bottle is it? There's only one I'm after right now, as I've avoided buying Stirling soaps due to the inability to get the set. Going forwards I would look to get more if I can get the set. Once I've used some soaps and got some room that is.


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So let's say I was buying a bottle to deliver too Ireland. That's £21.99 + £25.20 = £47.19 That is just %%%king crazy!!!
What is worse, is that I have talked to Dave about his postage charges and he is so nonchalant about it.
So as far as I am concerned, he can póg mo thóin (Kiss my *ss)


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I think Maggard must do something to allow him to ship alcohol based products. Even on ground.

I can't believe the shipping cost of this one.


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This for me is nothing more than gouging a market for which they are the sole supplier of at this moment! What is really crazy to me is, I can go to and buy a bottle of Adp Colonia aftershave cheaper than Stirling's Piacenza .
Well that solves that :wink:
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