SS Tatara Razor.


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A member on another forum posted this on an all new razor from Tatara Razors, Masamune Series. All SS construction in both open/closed configuration. Looks pretty damn cool if you ask me. The first initial report is as efficient as a Blackbird with the smoothness of a Timeless. Sounds promising.....

Couple of pics for the shave porn enthusiasts, like myself....




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Yes but the other thread is a welcome thread. Maybe this one is better to discuss the razor? Just saying, it's up to the moderators of course :)
Point taken. But, I just didn't want to step on anyone's toes. Just in case... :okay:


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I asked if they plan to continue production, and it sounds like they will. I'm happy about this since I can't just drop that much on a razor this time of year, but I'm going to keep a close eye on Tatara in the coming year.


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It is extremely efficient yet feel-wise, I would say the closed comb is between mild and medium aggressive (more towards mild though). It is also superbly well designed and fabricated - the equal of Wolfman in that respect, which is my reference for build quality. The open comb is definitely medium aggressive plus - it has noticeably more blade feel.

I believe the reason it is such a brilliant shaver is that it holds the blade as rigidly as any other DE razor I've seen - the top of the handle actually screws into the head. There is absolutely no play in the blade whatsoever.

I have both the open comb and the closed comb (as well as the stand) and the quality is quite simply superb. You can tell that a lot of care has gone into the fabrication - it is unbelievably top quality professional work.

It also 'tames' a Feather blade - probably because it holds it so rigidly.