Speick Plant Soaps- Has anyone tried them.


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When looking for Speick Shaving Soap, I came across a Range of Soaps " Melos", with quite a few scents.
I wonder if anyone on the Forum has tried any of them , if so what are their views.

Dr Watson

The Other James
They appear to have a UK based distributor now as well (LIV Trading)

I remember looking 18 months ago and the only option was to import them yourself so this is a major improvement.



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I have a Speick hand soap, in addition to their shaving soap. Not a bad product.

Dr Watson

The Other James
Just a heads up guys, if you’re going to order Speick from the UK distributor be sure to use their main website (liv.co.uk) rather than the SpeickUK site... This way you can use a 15% off voucher code “newuser1” :wink:


I found some items were cheaper via Amazon, it’s arrived today and the order was fulfilled by Liv Trading anyway so it takes some shopping around as they’re quite inconsistent with prices and stock.