SOTD Saturday 25th November 2017 - Friday 1st December 2017

Discussion in 'Shave Of The Day - SOTD' started by SpeedyPC, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Guru

    The Land of OZ
    Date: 25 November 2017 "SOTM"

    Pre: - Cold Water straight from the tap
    Brush: - Yaqi Mysterious Space Tuxedo Synth. 26/57mm knot
    Lather: - Route 66 ~ Bay Lime Twist 7x
    Bowl: - Captain's Choice
    Razor: - Colonial Razors ~ General SS
    Blade: - Feather Professional Super #2
    Post: - Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic / Bulldog Original Moisturiser
    Fragrance: - Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme
  2. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    Hey @SpeedyPC I guess you're named speedy for a reason?

    Err.. a little too early for a new weekly SOTD thread as it's still very much Friday 24th here in the UK.

    The mods have requested no new threads until after midnight UK time.
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  3. R181

    R181 Forum GOD!

    For Saturday


    Razor - DD No 1 Special
    Soap - Boellis Panama 1924
    AS - AV Sport Original
    No prep cold water 4 pass face lathered shave

  4. Ram57

    Ram57 Forum GOD!

    Boise Idaho
    Saturday SOTD


    Razor: British Ever-Ready 1912
    Blade: Gem PTFE SS (D4)
    Brush: Kent BLK8
    Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery Metal
    Pre-Shave Scrub: Saponificio Varesino Honey& Grain
    Pre-Shave Balm: Proraso Sensitive
    Shave Soap: HTGAM Cavendish
    Post: HTGAM Cavendish Lotion
    Aftershave: PAA Cavendish

  5. alfredus

    alfredus Forum GOD!


    Pre-Shave: SebaMed, cold water
    Razor: Guerrilla
    Blade: Ladas (2)
    Brush: Maseto 2-band Finest
    Lather: Mike's Lime
    Post-Shave: Alum, Stirling Bay Laurel Witch Hazel, Australian Emu Oil​
  6. Thug

    Thug Forum GOD!

    Johannesburg, RSA

    Saturday 25 November

    Muhle R41 / Polsilver SI / Wild West Brushworks Half-life / Grooming Dept Patchouli / Oom Bles Bay Rum

  7. zealshaver

    zealshaver Forum GOD!

    N. Greece
    iKon MR-SE
    Feather Pro
    Shavemac Unique ATG
    Wolfpac Ice pac
    AV US

  8. owlman

    owlman Legendary Member

    Today's shave:


    - Mitchell's Wool Fat
    - Stirling Finest Badger with Shavemac handle
    - FaTip piccolo with Sputnik blade
    - Prince Classic aftershave

  9. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    How’s the soap scent, Tony?
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  10. Thug

    Thug Forum GOD!

    Johannesburg, RSA
    I'm pretty much the wrong guy to ask about scents given that I can't breathe through my nose at the best of times (deviated septum and broken nose) BUT It's a reasonably strong Patchouli scent on opening the tub and giving it a good sniff but the scent does tend to evaporate when lathered.
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  11. Boru62

    Boru62 Forum GOD!

    As you've been forced to live in the ATG/GMT space time continuum, I hope you don't get too many complaints from your Aussie neighbours, regarding the awful weather surrounding your home. :eek:
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  12. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    A serious case of brush envy going on here. ....Gorgeous
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  13. culcreuch

    culcreuch Forum GOD!

    BRECON Wales
    Saturday 25th November


    Birch Tar Soap and Groomed Facial Scrub
    Vitos Preshave Cream
    P&B Imperial RumSoap
    Yaqi Mysterious Space 26mm Tuxedo
    Ikon SBS on a Windrose Damascus Handle
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow Blade
    Alum Block and Rinse
    BBA Post Shave
    Benjamins Mentholated Bay Rum

    First time using the Ikon SBS which was given some heft by the Windrose handle. I have never had much interest in dual format razors...but for some reason this one intrigued me. Perhaps it was the reversible base plate . For this shave I used the less aggressive mode and got a wonderful BBS shave with 3 passes and a little touchup:)

    My nearest and dearest is away for the weekend attending a British Dressage event, so tonight it will be Beer, Burgers and Strictly......or perhaps that should be strictly Beer and Burgers!

    Enjoy your weekend:)
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  14. Quique

    Quique Forum GOD!

    Maseto Finest 24x52
    Guillette Sensor Excel
    Williams Aqua Velva

    Have a great weekend

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  15. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    Same to you, Bri! Enjoy the b’s and b’s.
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