SOTD Saturday 23rd September 2017 - Friday 29th September 2017

Discussion in 'Shave Of The Day - SOTD' started by Boojum1, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Cosmic Cowboy

    SEptember 23, 2017

    El Druida Ebony Chubby
    Fine Fresh Vetiver
    Colonial Razors 'The General'
    Feather Pro Super
    Fine Fresh Vetiver
    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

  2. R181

    R181 Forum GOD!

    For Saturday

    23 Sept 2017.jpg

    Razor - Landers Frary and Clark
    Brush - Vintage Canadian Simms/TGN 3 band silvertip knot
    No prep cold water 4 pass face lathered shave

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  3. dinder1

    dinder1 Forum GOD!

  4. Ram57

    Ram57 Forum GOD!

    Boise Idaho

    Saturday SOTD


    Razor: King Cobra
    Blade: Schick Proline (D17)
    Brush: VP Leonhardy 700040 25mm White
    Bowl: Corbell Pedestal Bowl 4"
    Pre-Shave scrub: Ginger Garden Aventus
    Pre-Shave Oil: Homemade Jasmine Creamsicle
    Shave Soap: Chiseled Face/Zoologist – Panda
    Post: MdC Huile Végétale Camomille
    Aftershave: Extro Rasoio E Pennello Summer 2015
  5. Belfont

    Belfont Legendary Member

  6. 54gasp

    54gasp Forum GOD!

    Toul, FRANCE
  7. 54gasp

    54gasp Forum GOD!

    Toul, FRANCE
    In France we said "L'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt " - Future belongs to those who wake up early -, I think @Belfont , Macron and me Could save the world... as usual for the frenchmen :wink:. 5 o'clock first day of Weekend!
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  8. celestino

    celestino Forum GOD!

    Vancouver, Canada
    I just wanted to move this thread back to the top so that no one posts in last week's SOTD. :)
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  9. ojustme

    ojustme Veteran

    2017-09-22 22.39.25.jpg Shave of the Day for 09/23/2017
    Razor: Razorock Black Hawk w/Maggard MR18 Black Handle (for added weight)
    Blade: Feather Artist Club Proguard (3)
    Brush: Un-named brush w/Synthetic Knot
    Soap: Edwin Jagger Sandalwood in Yardley Shaving Soap wooden bowl
    After Shave Balm: Nivea
    Cologne/After Shave: Williams Lectric Shave
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  10. zealshaver

    zealshaver Forum GOD!

    N. Greece

    It's not me, but you get the picture :)
  11. frost liam

    frost liam Forum GOD!

    mred finest + wsp barbershop
    merkur 41 + gillette blue
    myrsol limon
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  12. Number Six

    Number Six Forum GOD!

    Great to be back in Thailand. The Timeless Ti is a joy to use, loaded with a Wilkinson German blade. Incredible scent and lather from L&L whipped up with the Maseto led to a smooth and faultless shave. Finished with a splash of Pitralon Pure.​
  13. bradbirty

    bradbirty Legendary Member

    Yesterday's shave IMG_1567.JPG
  14. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson Forum GOD!

    West Sussex, UK


    Simpsons Classic 1 "Best Badger"
    C.Myers & Son 6/8"
    DR Harris Pink Aftershave
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  15. Barry1963

    Barry1963 Forum GOD!

    Morning shave.

    Baxters of California Face Wash, BBA Shave Oil.
    P&B Albion.
    YaQi 28mm Tuxedo.
    Little Wren Pottery.
    The General in Brass (on loan).
    Schick Proline P-20 (2).
    Thayers Witch Hazel (unscented).
    OSP Barbershop Aftershave Tonic.
    Lavender Balm by a TSR member.
    YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme.

    Another sensational shave with The General. I was very impressed with the YaQi brush too. I'm all set for a weekend of doing not very much at all. Have a good one gents.
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