Solar Eclipse and Pink Floyd

Discussion in 'Arts, Literature & Photography' started by Batch300, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Batch300

    Batch300 Extraordinarily Uncomplicated

    Ok - is the new "dark side of the moon"?
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  2. KAV

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    one eight track, two cassette tapes, two LPS and a CD; playing the cassette in my MGA coupe at midnight and for my second encounter with a member of the Manson Gang at the old Spahn Ranch in the Old Pass Road turned a corner at speed and almost tagged Charlie as 'got to keep the loonies on the path' was playing.
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  3. Len

    Len Forum GOD!

    Interesting story...

    You do realize that Charlie and his 'Gang' were arrested in 1969, whereas Dark Side of the Moon was released in 1973?


    1. Charlie and the Gang had the power to create doppelgangers, which were living out an alternate timeline where they weren't caught. (?)

    2. @KAV , whilst driving, entered a temporary wormhole which brought him and his music back in time to when Charlie and the Gang were still living at Spahn Ranch. Charlie, witnessing a car and music from the future, had his life flash before his eyes after KAV almost ran him over, which precipitated the mental break that led him and the 'Gang' on their murderous rampage. (?)

    3. @KAV , being an archeologist, driving around Spahn Ranch during or after 1973, finally found the Manson buried treasure stash of Magic Mushrooms and LSD. Taken together, whilst listening to Dark Side of the Moon, produced a psychedelic trip of Epic Proportions which sensitized KAV to the Manson frequency mojo still lingering in the area. From this perspective, Charlie was definitely there in 1973! (?)

    4. @KAV thinks and says a lot of delusional nonsense about a great many subjects, and the best way to placate his demons are to pat him on the head, marveling at his erudition and sophistication, which is all of course, woven from whole cloth. (?)

    (Irony edit: 'got to keep the loonies on the path' is a lyric of the song Brain Damage)
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  4. KAV

    KAV Well-Known Member

    A. At my age and with a long recovery from a fractured skull recently operated upon by the V.A. I keep jumbling everything Pink into DSOTM B. Said album playing was I believe PF first or second album A SAUCERFULL OF SECRETS C. I encountered the Manson Gang ( at a distance) several times at the old Simi Drive In Movie weekend swap meet near the foot of Mount McCoy, dumpster diving behind all of two markets at the time for food ( them not I ) and did indeed almost run down Charlie one night and my Chicana GF Theresa Garcia almost kicked Patricia Krenwinkle's arrogant arse.
    D. years later post military service and university I was on a small archaeological excavation near the train tunnel near Rocky Point, scene later still of a horrific head on train collision. Said excavation was a small Chinese labour camp and is registered at the UCLA site records as LAn-1129 according to my Vitus Curiculla. We were later contacted by LAPD Homicide asking if we encountered any intruded artifacts from rodent ( ground squirrel burrows) as my primary excavation unit of 1x1 meter was in fact almost next to the later revealed burial site of Shorty Shea, movie stuntman sometime cowboy murdered by the gang. E. Manson was one of several Hollywood's unspoken underbelly that amused the film community and supplied drugs along with Father Yod and his family. Actor Al Lewis ( Grandpa on THE MUNSTERS) knew Charlie as a hopefull rock musician that dealt acid
    and ragweed pot and decided he had been burned on several drug deals and failed recording contracts leading to his helter Skelter B.S. Shrooms were a NORCAL thing and comparatively rare in SOCAL.
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  5. Len

    Len Forum GOD!

    Sorry about the head injury @KAV . That can definitely play havoc with memory recall, among other things. I'll need to be more mindful of others' challenges not of their own making. Do forgive the banter. (This does not include past or future commentary on political leanings, opinions, or philosophical/spiritual ideologies, however. :wink:)

    About the Shrooms, Charlie claimed to have obtained them directly from the Yaqui Indians, whom he apparently had a trusted history with.
  6. KAV

    KAV Well-Known Member

    Carlos Castaneda also claimed a lot of Yaqui BS in his Don Juan series. Truth there was Don Juan was also a practicing Catholic who lived in the city and was a well known contact in the anthropological community. His first fairy tale was, and reads like a very bad graduate thesis picked up by a woo woo hungry publishing company which it in fact largely was. Carlos' nickname at UCLA was the BSer. Interviewing Don Juan was about as innovative as declaring the Pyramids were built by Egyptians. Once it exploded in popularity among the NewAge crowd his professors kissed his rear and he got his degree, a multi book contract, drug habit and eventually fatal liver cancer from all that junk. Don Juan got pissed and almost brought suit until bought off. The Yaquis, like the Mayans with that recent endtime calendar nonsense have and are having their lands ripped off and now their culture by plastic Indians like Tom Brown 'The tracker' and every dream catcher, Kokopelli wind chime con artist. If Charlie or any other dirt bag hippie went near the Yaquis they would have lost their mind not with drugs but a machete.
  7. Len

    Len Forum GOD!

    Yeah, I'm with you on Tom Brown and Castaneda.

    (Concerning Don Juan, most American Indians are Christianized, including more traditional spiritual leaders who practice a Christian/Animistic syncretism.)

    But somehow though, I take Charlie's account as a bit more credible than the first two, what with Charlie claiming to pull a .357 Magnum on them, handing it over, and grinning at them like a schoolboy when they threatened to shoot. Fits to character of other unrelated third party accounts. And in any case, that Manson had a steady supply of Shrooms is pretty well documented at a time and place few others could get their hands on any.

    Charlie really wasn't a hippy, rather, the hippies flocked to him as a father figure.
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