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**Group Buy CLOSED!**
OK fellas, there seems to be enough interest in Hannah's science project soap to warrant a group buy. Jason (Hannah's dad @Boonie21) is supportive of our group.
Original discussion thread:
Soap website:
Hannah's soap project funds a charity drive. Jason & Hannah only make a few pennies in profit from each sale, the rest goes to two charities:
Price per soap is listed as $20 USD each (price may be negotiable, depending on numbers).
For the group buy and since ATG has show us such love, we will do Rosa Pura for $21.50/jar and Hanalei + our other soaps for $18.50/jar.
Please list your intentions below. I'll try to maintain a running list in this first post to keep things straight. We'll keep the list open for a week or so before ordering.
Once the list is complete, each ATG member will pay Jason directly for the soaps. Once all the soaps are paid for, Jason will ship ALL the soaps to my US address (saving us all a heap of cash), then I'll repackage the soaps into individual bubble-mailers and post them to each member individually (EU & UK addresses included).
Each member will be responsible to pay me for their respective postage of choice once the soaps hit the UK.
Boonie21 said:
1) people who are part of this group buy will have from today June 2 at 6pm EST through June 17 to place their order (this allows time for our labels to arrive on the new soaps and also time for folks to get in on the group buy who may be waiting for their next pay period, etc.)

2) Group Buy participants will use the codes published below to receive 10% off soaps of your order:

The new code is ATGSHAVING2018DEAL and this is the only code that will work moving forward until the group buy closes on 06/17.

3) Please keep in mind that labels are scheduled to arrive to us for Rosa Pura and Hanalei by June 12th at the latest -- IF these labels show up and are as ordered, then all will be well (this should be the case - our vendor is awesome!) IF they show up and have errors, that will create a small delay for label replacement

4) Group Buy participants from anywhere outside of the United States should enter Soapy Science's US address when checking out for this to all work correctly.

That address should be entered exactly as follows:

Your Name (please enter your actual name)
Street - 9803 Greenwood Circle
City - Wise
State - VA (Virginia)
Zip/Postal Code - 24293

**This address is an address that I receive mail at sometimes at a family home in Virginia**

enter coupon codes above in the coupon code box to receive $1.49 discount on each soap ordered.

shipping is $1.99 for orders under $40 and free for orders over $40 - we are still going to honor that. : )

5) Erik will receive a couple of larger parcels/ boxes from me with a note on each bubble mailer with your name on it

6) Group Buy participants will provide their address to Erik in order for him to ship your soaps to you - participants agree to pay all actual costs of shipping to Erik as we do not want him to be out of pocket for doing this kind gesture for the group!

7) The buy will close on 06/17 and the shipment will head Erik's way early the following week.

I hope the above seems fair and makes sense - if not, Erik and/or others - please let me know.

1. @Mr_Smartepants (1x Lollipop Citrus, 1x Rosa Pura) RECEIVED
2. Nishy (1x Rosa Pura) CANCELLED
3. @Holyzeus (1x Hanalei or Mint Mint, 1x Doc’s) POSTED
4. @N_Architect (1x Doc’s) POSTED
5. @halvor (1x Rosa Pura) POSTED
6. @p.b (1x Rosa Pura and 1x Hanalei) POSTED
7. @Sid James (2 x Rosa Pura) POSTED
8. @struttura.originaria (3x Rosa Pura) POSTED
9. @pimple8 (1 x Doc's) POSTED
10. @Salv (1x Rose Pura) POSTED
11. @bozz4fun (1x Lollipop Citrus, 1x Rosa Pura) POSTED
12. @The Gentleman (1 x Doc's) POSTED
13. @jeepie (1 x Doc's; 1x Hanalei; 1x Mint Mint; 1 x Rosa Pura) Cracked and put a few other soaps in the basket - POSTED
14. @Optometrist (1x Rosa Pura) POSTED
15. @Memhis (1x Rosa Pura) POSTED
16. @shavefan (1x Unscented) POSTED
17. @Oasisdave (1x Hanalei, 1x Doc’s) RECEIVED (USA)
18. @ScOtt ( 1x Hanalei) POSTED
19. @muelex (1x Rosa Pura and 1x Hanalei) POSTED
20. @Gordy (1x Hanalei) POSTED
21. @owlman (1x Doc's, 1x Hanalei, 1x Mint Mint) POSTED
22. @Batch300 (1x Hanalei) *RECEIVED (USA)
23. @Burgundy (1x Hanalei) POSTED
24. @SeanC (1x Hanalei) POSTED
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1. @Mr_Smartepants (1x lollipop citrus, 1x rose)
2. @Nishy (1xrose)
3. Holyzeus ( 1X Mint Mint, 1X Doc’s)
Thanks Erik!
Can I be a pain and if the new Hanalei is ready i’d Like that in place of Mint Mint please
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1. Mr_Smartepants (1x lollipop citrus, 1x rose)
2. Nishy (1x Rose)
3. Holyzeus (1x Hanalei or Mint Mint, 1x Doc’s)
4. N_Architect (1x Doc’s)
5. Halvor (1x Rose)

Edit: that is, if you meant for this to be open also to non-UK, Erik?
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