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Has anyone tried this soap?
Picked a bar up for £1.99 in tkmaxx, was the name that drew my attention tbh.
If it isnt great its no loss.


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Never tried it to be honest, but I do like SV products, I just find over time some scents become to heavy. Performance of their shaving soaps have always been good IMO


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Have used several bars of SV bath and hand soap but not that particular version. I found it very good soap.

T Maxx has a terrible website - incredibly slow. I couldn't find SV on it. I'm in Kensington and not sure I want to try the store.


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I had an SV soap before from TKMaxx, a big massive black bar, definitely charcoal but not sure if it was that one. It was decent and lasted for ages. Tried to find another but they only had green tea ones last I went