So What’s Your Lip Balm of Choice?


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The missus buys two lip balms by Nivea. One is a vanilla scented & the other raspberry
But she can never find the raspberry one.
As it usually ends up in my back pocket...:wink:


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I used to use Lipsyl, but I having been using Labello/Nivea for a few years. I often pick up the Superdrug version which is made in Europe. I only now use the Boots balm in emergencies as they have outsourced production to South East Asia.

I was never a fan of Chapstick, especially the medicated formulation.


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Having finished quite a few Burt’s Bees, which are ok but nothing more, I recently acquired a tube of Recipe for Men Lip Balm. So far, very good :thumbsup:

Also have a Bronner peppermint balm waiting.