So What’s Your Lip Balm of Choice?


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Have you tried using an egg shaped one? I found the EOS ones while on holiday in the US where they're pretty cheap. Problem is they always seem to be expensive in the UK.
They're more efficient 'cos you can do both lips at once so saving you precious split seconds.


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I used to love Neutrogena lip balm until they changed the formula and added chemical sunscreens which irritate.
Neutrogena is also my favourite, but I find the current formulation a lot greasier or stickier that I recall it used be. My wife loves it, because it glues my lips shut!


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From the ones I've used Burts Bees is always the best for me. The original or vanilla flavours are the ones I like.

I'm tempted to try the Neutrogena one now having read this thread.