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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by UKRob, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. A decent start to this year's competition with Scotland and Ireland leading off. Scotland were almost unplayable at times in the first half and probably three players were marked as Lions - especially Hogg at full back. I said it last year, he looks a certainty. However, Ireland came back and looked to be certain winners - that's when I started my walk to watch England v France - and missed the end. Overall, I'd say that Scotland deserved the win.
    England against France, at Twickenham, with a young referee who seemed to enjoy pinging England - at least that's how I saw the first 30 minutes. I suppose the word Xenophobic was dreamed up to describe the likes of me - I see malice in every decision that went against England, regardless or right or wrong.

    Next week Wales v England that's still the big game for me - given today's results, it may well be the game that decides the eventual winners.
  2. JamieM

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    The Scotland Ireland game was fantastic as good a international game as you are likely to see, I was very impressed with the speed of ball recycled at the breakdown by Scotland, in reality Ireland got their tactics very wrong against Scotland and Rory Best played himself out of a Lions test start his throwing in was extremely poor, on the other hand the England France game was a poor spectacle by comparison I would imagine Eddie Jones would have been pulling his hair out if he had any, I've always said don't put much value in those autumn internationals the only real games are in true competitions.
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  3. JamieM

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    As I expected bit of a arm wrestle first half the Italian set piece as always been strong, nice to blow the cobwebs off before we face England, so pleased Biggar took a knock as young Sam Davies is such a creative 10, well done Wales 6.5 out of 10.
  4. Jamie, I'm surprised you don't rate Biggar, personally I'd have as a strong contender for a Lions starting place given that Sexton's fitness appears to be an issue. He's go an all round strong game - although I thought it was unnecessary to put himself in the front line so often today. Personally I'd leave that to the forwards.
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  5. JamieM

    JamieM Forum GOD!

    Rob Biggar is rated more outside Wales than inside and you are right his allround game is solid, but he lacks vision and a instinctive game which young Sam Davies as in abundance, Sam as been superb for the Ospreys many of Wales biggest critics all want Sam to start at 10, this may be a Welsh romantic view of a 10 but his first instinct is to play heads up Rugby and attack which on the other hand to me Biggar as slowly turned into a Neil Jenkins clone, maybe move him to 12 as England as done with Farrel could be a option?
  6. ManicDee

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    Well is safe to say the grand slam is gone :giggle:
    When the likes of Devin Toner, C J Stander, Conor Murray and Rory Best aren't playing well and a few key players are out, it's a bit of a hail mary.
    But I have say Scotland where brilliant. Nearly every time they tackled it was 2 Scots against 1 Irishman.
    Scotland deserved the win :sick::)
  7. JamieM

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    What a fantastic test match I'm gutted the idiotic John Davies cost us the game he should have kicked directly for touch with 3 minutes left I will not forgive him I hope he's dropped from the squad total idiot.
  8. Jamie, I hope you have revised your opinion about Dan Biggar - he had a fabulous game despite being probably no more than 60 per cent fit. If you were to put him in England's team right now, they would challenge New Zealand.
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  9. JamieM

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    Yes Rob Dan did play well as he does in every game he's a very reliable a quality 10, but he's a very different player to Sam Davies I would like to see him in the 12 shirt outside Sam Davies I can see that combonation paying dividends.
  10. Dj-Steved

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    Come on England !!!
  11. Having watched both games yesterday I'm thinking that this year's tournament is shaping up to be one of the best in memory. The Scots proved again that they can come back from behind - something that's been beyond them in the last few years. As an England supporter I'm glad we are playing them at Twickenham. Just one moan at an otherwise good refereeing performance - why was Tipurics tip tackle not punished with a yellow?

    As for Ireland v France, I was actually applauding some of the slick passing from France and thought they would go on for a straightforward win. However, they still seem to fade as the game goes on and Ireland were good value for their win.
  12. MPH

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    Well that was one of the more interesting matches I've watched. Well done Italy...Nice try, it nearly worked! :)
  13. Have to disagree MPH, it's just spoiling tactics and made a mockery of the game. If Italy want to be taken seriously, and justify their position in the six nations event, they have to rise above this gimmick. I'm now in favour of giving Georgia their deserved opportunity.
  14. jb7

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    Maybe that's what a trip to the cleaners gets you?
  15. ManicDee

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    England spends more on the development and infrastructure of the Rugby Union game, Than Scotland, France and New Zealand combined.
    Italy is not a powerhouse of rugby, they mearly adapted their game to try and an alternative approach.
    I for one did not peculiarly like it but given their Limitations, so be it.
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