Single edge blade longevity.


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Well we all very different are we not? The SE experiment simply was not satisfactory for me at all and I really wanted it to be. Despite lots of prep, changing of angles, lots of blade types and really trying to make it work I never got a great shave, I perhaps got one or two reasonable shaves but most were poor. Getting 2 shaves from a blade also detracted from the experience. The Asylum for me was a fantastic thing to look at but I would have got a better shave from a disposable Bic, had it have been the same price as a Bic I would have thrown it away.
@Chico Winterton is the Rx the only AC SE you have used?
I ask this because I also found the Rx to blunt these blades unacceptably quickly. See my feedback on the pass-around:

My recommendation would be to buy yourself a Colonial General:
they are cheap (for what you get) and provide an outstanding shave for 90% of those who have tried it. If you like your razor on the heavy side then wait for the restock of the stainless steel version:

In my experience these razors ensure the AC SE blades live up to the hype.
To be honest I am more than happy with my DE's, I get a great shave every time but was perhaps searching for that "unicorn" I now believe doesn't really exist. I am now of the opinion that we all look for something better than what we are very happy with. I now spend a lot less and I am happier.


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I have decided that though I can get 6+ Shaves with a Gem S/S blade in an SE Razor, I shall future stop at 5.
They are cheap, and when there was a Rumour that production was going to stop, I got a few in, enough for 8 years daily Shaving.
Since then I have started to use Injectors and modern AC/SE. The Blades in these are good for 8 shaves,but again I have a few years worth. Not sure if I will be able to wield a Razor when my stocks run out :)


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I am new to se shaving I am currently on my 5th shave with the Schick proline blade and still going I do strop the blade after each shave though and use it in my feather artist club these blades are smooth and sharp


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Reviving this old thread. I usually get 7 - 10 shaves out of a Gem blade.

I find that I can squeeze life from a gem blade using a MMOC.