Shoe Shine set


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A well timed post. I was only thinking of getting some new kit after my brushes went missing and had to do my shoes with a cloth ready for a christening.

I'd be interested in hearing recommendations too.


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I have several rags (for application), two horsehair brushes (black and brown), a pommadier brush (rarely used), and a few polishing cloths (mostly freebies that come with good shoes). As for general recommendations, I vouch for Saphir shoecare products.


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Forgot to add. Must be under £50.

Saphir set for circa £40 looks good but is focus around black leather. I have black, tan and cherry/burgundy shoes to take care.


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Shining shoes! At times I think this is a lost art. JMO......a freshly shaved face, crisp shirt and smartly shined shoes and a guy can set the world on fire.


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Haven't polished shoes/boots since leaving the Naval Reserve 30 years ago. Then it was a soft rag, shoe polish, spit/water and a shine with some old panty hose from the wife.