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Let's see your motorcycles (past and present)
Mine in order:

Aprilia RS50 on L-plate

Honda XR125 on L-plate

Yamaha YBR125 on L-plate and on which I passed my tests in N.I.

Honda CB500 first 'big' bike

Honda VFR 750

Next up... I've my eyes on a 250 Honda CRF



I was always a big fan of the VFR but when it came to parting with my money I bought a GSXR, could buy a new one for the price of a second hand Honda. My older brother still rides a VFR and I get to play occasionally. I don't own a bike anymore as I am of an age where I am very much aware of my mortality, too many car driving nutters on the roads now:)


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My bunch of bikes look less good than yours.
Mostly all about commuting type riding.
I shall have to try and hunt down some pictures on the internet and edit them into this post.
Started (at school) with:

50cc NVT (Yup, Norton Villiers Triumph) moped. Pedal start, fuel in t the frame.....

Yamaha SR125.
4 stroke, single cylinder. One busy, footnumbing, piston.

Honda 450DX

Hornet 600 (was it F?) anyway, brand new in 2000, boy it felt smooth and tight. My only brand new bike.
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Suzuki Bandit 650 (Didn't have that for long.)

1998 CB500S Current bike and thoroughly enjoying it.
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If i posted every pic I had, this might be the longest thread here. Ill go with the current


Very cafe inspired. I call it the cafe cruiser