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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Nishy, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Good afternoon Gents. I am just creating a quick thread on my lunch break, so apologies in advance for any inaccuracy.

    We are delighted to offer our members a truly unique LE brush. The VLB or Variable Loft Brush was made by Bernd at Shavemac for the 173 style handle several years back and not made again.

    This year we have produced the same VLB brush but for a barber style handle. The VLB allows members to choose what loft they wish the brush to be set, it can be changed by twisting the handle whenever a different loft is required. The advantage of this is varied face feel (backbone) depending on the user's requirement, without having to buy several different sized knots.

    Bernd (Shavemac owner) has provided us with the first prototype. The colours, shape and knot size are yet to be confirmed. So this is just an initial idea of what to expect.

    As always we will list members wishing to order the brush. This gives Bernd an idea of how many to produce. All payment will be made to Shavemac when the final price and product is fully confirmed. I will make this announcement on this thread when required.

    We will be offering 2 band silvertip knots and ebonite for handle material.

    Here is a picture of the prototype (minus any engraving, again tbc)


    If interested please list your name below:

    1. @Nishy
    2. @Jasjr1970
    3. @MPH
    4. @bozz4fun
    5. @george1906
    6. @bakerbarber
    7. @Mr_Smartepants
    8. @bijou
    9. @Theyack
    10. @ChrisVanMeer
    11. @muelex
    12. @efsk
    13. @Redrock
    14. @iamsms
    15. @Wilga
    16. @DudeAbides
    17. @chinski
    18. @ceekee
    19. @MR.south korea
    20. @Salv
    21. @Morecolor
    22. @ManicDee
    23. @rawfox1
    24. @Britva
    25. @korbz
    26. @Cushion94
    27. @HMan
    28. @jyri
    29. @RSSO
    30. @dinder1
    31. @Nhwetshaver
    32. @daveinsweethome
    33. @Hectorsgaf
    34. @MichaelS
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  2. Blademonkey

    Blademonkey Forum GOD!

    1. @Nishy
    2. @Blademonkey
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  3. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!

    Price dependant but definately interested. :)

    1. @Nishy
    2. @Blademonkey
    3. @MPH

    Edit... Just beaten by Blademonkey, so I have updated!
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  4. bozz4fun

    bozz4fun Über Member

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  5. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    On show is a 26mm knot the loft has a variable height option of +/- 15mm.
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  6. george1906

    george1906 Veteran

  7. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Forum GOD!

  8. dc68

    dc68 -------------

    Devon, UK
  9. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman Forum GOD!

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  10. missingskin

    missingskin Forum GOD!

    Down South
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  11. ChrisVanMeer

    ChrisVanMeer Forum GOD!

    The Netherlands
  12. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    That looks like a much better design, from a functional AND aesthetic point of view, than the earlier VLB version with a separate twisting knob/wheel. I like the black and white, but how is this to be solved with ebonite — single or two colour?

    I may just weaken and put my name down. In due course.
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  13. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    Think I'll wait till the product is finalized as to colour and price before making a decision.

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  14. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Yes much more aesthetically pleasing without a doubt! I prefer the smoothened edges to the previous hexagagonal design.

    I haven't actually asked Bernd for two colour options or if we could do half resin half ebonite. Will get onto that. It would be quite interesting to have a clear acrylic part showing the VLB mechanism, then again it may look 'ugly'.
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  15. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!


    Now that sounds interesting! :hyper:
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