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Having spoken to Bernd over the last few months about synthetic brushes, I was delighted to hear that it is also something he had been thinking about.

Now just a short background. I prefer badger brushes. Several reasons which I'm sure I've splattered across the forum many times. I have tried 6 iterations of synthetic bristle. Including Tuxedo and Plisson, none of which satisfy my personal needs of great backbone, controlled splay and clumpy tip feel.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when using the Simpsons Chubby 2 synthetic. I really enjoy using this brush, my only quibble is the strong backbone when swirling on the face. Even this isn't enough for me to dislike the brush. I even believe the knot is actually 'relaxing' reducing the heavy scrub.

So back to the present. I was delighted to receive this brush from Shavemac today, their first synthetic option. Now this isn't the final version as far as I know (neither are any available for sale to my knowledge). I have been asked to test it and leave feedback on the Shavemac website. I will also leave feedback here.

I like the handle, it has a flattened edge for ergonomic purposes which isn't captured in the picture below. I look forward to using the brush and comparing it to other synthetics to help provide a thorough review in the near future (currently reviewing the Tatara brush). I have included the knot dimensions in the pictures below too.



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Any information on where the knot was sourced? If it is by Muhle then it'd be a great news, I think their synths are one of the best in the game.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion on the shavemac! Do you know what the pricing will be ?


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Hiya no info whatsoever. I can certainly ask Bernd though. Once I have finished testing the Tatara brush I will provide a full review of this synthetic and compare to other in my collection. Back at work now and I have left it at the parents, so can't even take a close up of the bristles till tomorrow now.


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Very interested in feedback on the knot. Whilst it's probably going to be Muhle STF, there are still plenty of variables to play with.

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Thanks chaps I look forward to using it tomorrow evening. I currently own or have owned timber wolf, tuxedo, Plisson, Simpsons Chubby 2 synthetic, FS pur tech, an early Muhle synthetic & Jacob & Hawkins synth. Probably a couple I'm forgetting.


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Have been looking into Simpson synth lately, but now will wait to see how this one will progress. Can't wait to read your opinion between Chubby and Shavemac.


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Thanks for reviewing this brush! btw I have had several simpson chubby's and was not entirely happy with the splay until I found one with a 54mm loft, awesome.


I Think the knot looks good, but that handle is awful. Hopefully he offers them with any handle.
Couldn't agree more! In any case, I'd be quite interested in this review. I've developed a liking for good synthetic brushes lately.