Shavemac DO1 versus Simpson Manchurian

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Poirots Tache, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Poirots Tache

    Poirots Tache Forum GOD!

    Good Morning All
    I am thinking about delving into the Simpsons rabbit warren and considering which knot to try. Can anyone please give me a brief comparison between DO1 and Manchurian and perhaps how their two band silvertips compare. Thanks.
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  2. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    Sorry, I can't not having a Shavemac with a DO1 2 band knot. I can say when I asked Bernd Blos if he had a knot in his lineup that was similar to a Simpsons Manchurian he recommended their Silvertip 2 band not the DO1 2 bander. I went with is recommendation and also the loft setting he had recommended for the 26mm knot I had wanted. Have to say that was close enough to my Simpsons QEII Jubilee Manchurian feel to satisfy me.

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  3. MPH

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    To me comparing a d01 and a simpsons Manchurian is like comparing cotton wool to a cheese grater. They are very different but each is very good, depending on what you want at that moment!! :)

    The d01 (for me) has LOADS of backbone, but also lots of scritch/scratch. And I mean lots of scritch. Some say that after using a million times this goes away, but even using mine extensively they have still been very scritchy.

    By contrast the Simpsons is very soft from the offset, but has less backbone.

    Choice is yours. Some love the scritch of the d01. I love the backbone, but not really the scritch.

    I would compare the Manchurian far more to shavemacs normal 2 band, but the shavemac has less backbone.

    To me Simpsons 2 band (silvertip) is far more comparable to shavemacs 2 band, but Simpsons is more dense (at least in a chubby) and with a bit more backbone.

    Just to confuse matters further, the hairs vary between batches too.... As such my 2012 Simpsons Manchurian is more scritchy and far more like a d01.

    Simples innit. :okay:

    P.s. - all the above is merely my opinion, so I will hold no responsibility if you spend £300 on a brush and hate it!!! LOL. :)
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  4. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    Same as Matt above basically. I only have one specimen of each for reference, but gave up on the D01 two band I had on account of the scritch. It feels soft against the hand but when on the face.... The Simpson Manchurian gives a good scrub but no uncomfortable scritch and is nice and soft. I may not be qualified to say anything about backbone, as the Manchurian I have is the TSN M6 from (2014?) which has a major glue bump protruding in the middle of the knot which gives it ample backbone. Considering the size of this brush and my general preference for bigger brushes, it's a lathering machine.

    It struck me that there may also be an effect of chubby density vs other brushes to consider.

    @Optometrist should chime on the recent Simpson two band offerings.
  5. chris.hale

    chris.hale Forum GOD!

    Cumbria, England
    I've not tried the Simpson Manchurian but would also nail my flag to the "feels like a cheese grater" pole regarding the Shavemac D01, it was just unpleasant. Then again if your tastes happen to lean toward the masochistic you might enjoy it...
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  6. Optometrist

    Optometrist Forum GOD!

    For me, Shavemac D-01 2-Band is in a class of its own and not really comparable with anything from Simpson. This Shavemac hair has good backbone and if comparing with Simpson Manchurian, like for like in terms of knot size/density, I'd say the Shavemac would have more backbone. The Simpson brushes, especially in Chubby form, are noticeably more dense and therefore tend to have more backbone than the Shavemacs. They are also free from the initial scritch of D-01 2-Band and require very little breaking in.

    With regard to the Simpson and Shavemac 2-Band Silvertips, again I would take a Simpson any day of the week. Both are much softer than their Manchurian and D-01 2-Band grades. I love Simpson Chubbies for their density and as a result, these have more backbone than the Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip brushes.

    I've sold all my Shavemac brushes, 2-Band Silvertips, unique knot and D-01's. Nice brushes, but not exactly what I desire from a brush.
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  7. Poirots Tache

    Poirots Tache Forum GOD!

    Thanks guys, I was under the misapprehension that the Manchurian had similar scritch to the D01. I have two D01's which both have bulb knots and are worn in somewhat. I enjoy both but not as much as my 2 band silvertip and unique knots, so given the above feedback, I guess that I will be safe with either the Manchurian or 2 band silvertip from Simpsons.

    Further thought;
    I suspect that Bernds D01's are easier to live with if in Bulb format with a highish loft. I bought a
    TSR '16 Raptor handle off a fellow member here, which has minimal scritch after 10 shaves or so, but it is I believe a 26 mm bulb with approx. 56/57 loft
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  8. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    Email Bernd and talk to him as extra insurance that you will get what you are looking for.

  9. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!


    I found my D01 bulb to have more a scritch than the fan I bought at the same time during a group buy. I believe the bulb was set slightly higher than the fan too.

    I now own a different bulb set at a higher loft that is better. In fact I quite like it, but it's definitely still scritchy. Especially in comparison to anything from Simpson's.

    ....... Saying that, Simpson's are blooming expensive.

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  10. Poirots Tache

    Poirots Tache Forum GOD!

    Interesting, perhaps its hard to generalize and that the hair varies due to different batches over time etc but you are certainly right 'blooming expensive'!
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  11. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    I would agree with the above too. I do like a couple of D01 2 bands I have and they have been well worn in. A lovely scrubby bristle feel, no scratch. Like Halvor I only own a TSN M6 so can't comment on the Manchurian I quite like the M6 though regardless of glue bump.
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  12. Britva

    Britva Eats steel for lunch

    Planet Earth
    Face feel of the Simpson manchurian strikes a fine balance between D01 and Shavemac’s 2-band unique IMO. It has the backbone and certainly has the scrub, but minimal scritch. In my experience, the scritch will go away almost completely after a month of regular use (give or take). If you’re constantly rotating brushes, obviously it will take a lot longer to break in properly.

    A word of caution.. Chubby 2/3 manchurian can kill brush AD.
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  13. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Forum GOD!

    D01 Silvertip is sublime.

    It's very dense though and will not have the best flow through.

    To me, Simpsons Manchurian is great. Shavemac D01 two band is intense. I have two and they're tough stuff. Not like any other brush. Simpsons two band silvertip is stiffer with more presence than Shavemac two band. Neither does it for me enough to justify their premium prices. Plenty of Finest or Chinese two bands that get the job done for a fraction of the cost.

    Maggards two band is where it's at for me lately. Nice value for such a dense knot with great density and backbone. Shame it's only available in bulb.

    As an avid two band lover I really do have to admit that shavemac D01 silvertip is the best performing brush in my den right now. The density makes up for the thin hairs of silvertip providing a decent amount of enveloping scrub. Actually feels decadent and exfoliating at the same time. It takes extra soap to get the amount and quality of lather that I prefer. This also means extra time rinsing post shave. It's worth it to me.

    My Simpsons Manchurian took a while to break in and hit its stride. My shavemac D01 two bands were quite stiff and abrasive dare I say for quite some time. They've never really relaxed to a point that I enjoy using them more than occasionally. More so in the winter when I have tougher skin from the weather. In the summer I'll probably not use them much.

    I only have one Simpsons two band silvertip. Its a beauty and has decent backbone with great flow. Its not exactly an epiphany kind or brush though I'm afraid. I'm not knocking it. It's top notch for what it is. That being said, I wasn't blown away by Shavemac two band silvertip either. Beautiful knots that are simply beautiful in form and construction. Just a tad lacking in something for me. Not quite enough backbone or scrub.

    As others have said, batches differ and other specs of configuration in specific brushes individually will make some similar brushes behave differently. D01 two band is a brush that I honestly would say is impossible to compare any other brand to. Acquired taste? Perhaps. A Simpsons Manchurian will eventually break in and be a viable daily brush. My tender face apparently is not of the kind that can tolerate more then an occasional use with D01 two band. I do enjoy it now and then but don't believe I'll be investing in another any time again.

    Elite razors has wonderful knots. His Manchurian is excellent from the start and is well rounded in so far as being scrubby enough, soft enough, and not overly dense as to cause frustration in use.

    D01 silvertip is highly under the radar I say. I believe its capable of being the must have brush should more people take the plunge with it and judge it strictly on performance. It's a great knot that doesn't get the recognition I believe it deserves.
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  14. Poirots Tache

    Poirots Tache Forum GOD!

    I guess that I deserved this. Nothing in the responses has diminished my desire to try a high end Simpson. For my familys financial security let's hope someone lists a nice saphire coloured one on BST rather than forcing me to buy a new one from Simpsons.
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  15. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman Forum GOD!

    Most have been said, and I agree.
    My D01 2-band is, when finally broken in (30-40 shaves) a marvellous brush. I don't think that I have a brush that works so well regarding picking up soap, flow through etc. The regular 2-band from Shavemac needs a low loft, like 26/48, otherwise the lack of backbone don't work for me.
    Simpsons Chubby 2 is probably "The Knot" for me. Perfect size and I love the density. I have one Manchurian, one 2 band and one Super. Love them all but the Mancurian and the 2-band are phenonemal. Those two, the DO1 2-band and a M&F Finest are my favorites (right now, that is).
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