Shave Time ?


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How do you calculate Shave Time ? I tend to count initial prep and lather up as standard whatever razor I am using. So I count Shave Time as First Stroke to time I remove Lather from my face.
I have quite a heavy strong beard and Shave daily, average Shave time for me is around 9 to 11.5 mins with a blade in good condition, and I tend to go for a good close all round shave every time.


For me start time is when picking up the brush from the mug it was soaking in and end time is when i apply the aftershave.

Nowadays i don't care about timing a shave.


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As @Stonec0ld has already said, from when I enter the bathroom to when I leave by which time all my kit has been cleaned and dried and ready to be put away ( apart from my brush that will be hung up to dry ) anywhere from fifteen to twenty five minutes depending on how I'm feeling :) P.

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I've not timed myself since beginning with a straight, kept having the lather dry on my face as I was taking so long so set a stopwatch to speed me up. I'd guess an average of 15 minutes in total from running the tap to applying aftershave.


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I don't include the shower beforehand so it's from running the tap. Usually about ten minutes for me it'd be less if I wasn't doing my head too.


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From starting to fill the sink with water to aftershave on is about 1/2 hour for me doing 4 passes with a straight razor. Knock about 15 minutes off for the same 4 pass shave with a DE/SE.



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For me from starting to lather to having rinsed my brush (pre-aftershave).

I used to time in the hope of seeing a speed up. I do notice changes when switching up my technique or even just blades. Never really do anything with those numbers though


You're approaching this from the wrong end.
Shave time is measured in "shaves".
My shave time is always exactly "one shave".
It's a very accurate method of measuring.
Even when I use two razors in a shave-off the total time is "two times half a shave" which miraculously turns out to be "one shave".


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...from about 15 mins to 60mins depending on mood, razor and soap and more importantly what playlist is running or radio programme is on...if it's In Our Time, The Life Scientific or Desert Island Discs then the shave time will be 45mins :).