Shampoo bars, which one is the best?

Discussion in 'Grooming and Style' started by Nishy, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman Forum GOD!

    Been using MW for about a month now. I started with a sample bar I've got from Michelle and after about one week of use I noticed that my hair felt much better, so I ordered three full bars from Michelle that I received the same day that my sample was finished.
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  2. halvor

    halvor a most elusive fish

    So, somewhat on the side, but which colour did you get? :giggle:
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  3. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    What I thought was my original colour (before experience turned it silvery)...

    Cheeky bugger :p:
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  4. Celar36

    Celar36 Forum GOD!

    Liggett love it
  5. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    I got a good month of hair washing from the Funky bar. I ordered a Sea Kelp and Rhassoul Clay bar as an alternative on the recommendation of Anni, and I like it even more than the Tea Tree. These are fantastic Gents...
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  6. mbarno

    mbarno Veteran

    I’ve also got the clay to try, as well as another black seed one, which has just run out after 6 weeks.

    I’m now on to the body soap as well, which I’m enjoying.

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  7. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Body soap is next too...
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  8. mbarno

    mbarno Veteran

    Did you get the body soap? I’m going to stick with the shampoo bars, but the body soap just didn’t work for me. Just didn’t get me as clean as shower gel.

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  9. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Yeah and I like it. It doesn't lather as well as I'd hoped, but I'll certainly buy again.
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  10. halvor

    halvor a most elusive fish

    Thanks for reminding me! Just ordered two Funky shampoo bars now, replacing the just about finished MW bar. I got the argan/oatmilk and the moringa.
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  11. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    I finished my D.R.Harris Arlington shampoo bar, it took 3 weeks with 2 showers per day. The lather produced is nice and thick. It isn't overly nourishing, which I prefer, nor does it leave the hair feeling dry. Strangely the scent didn't match that of my shaving soap. The shaving soap being more earthy and less citrus than the bar. In fact I would say the shampoo bar provided a strong citrus scent above anything else. Nice container as well, ideal for travel. I am going to use the Windsor shampoo bar, when I return home.
  12. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    D.R.Harris Windsor arrived a couple of days ago. Great great great scent! This scent compliments Loewe 7 EDT very well. Usual good performance. That's shampoo sorted.
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  13. Grishnak

    Grishnak Guru

    So, is this the conclusion of which one is best?

    ..........for now........
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  14. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    MW has a stronger scent and better performance IMO but Windsor smells best and the performance is very good.
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  15. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Definetely try funkysoaps too, both the shampoo bars and body bars are first class.. Scents are not as strong as Dr Harris though...
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