Searching for the coldest shave!


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Right, I've been asking what is the coldest shave soap out there and still waiting to find the coldest! I've got B&M Arctique but I'm sure there's colder! What's out there, any samples, any unloved needing a new home?


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Cryogen from Chiseled Face used to be considered the coldest, not sure if others have surpassed it. There’s also the new synthetic, non-eye-watering versions now, like B&M Terror, but again, not sure if anyone has taken it to extremes.


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Denali isn’t in the same league as others mentioned. Cryogen was the worst closely followed by Artique. Terror is really nice, same fragrance as Artique but without the eye streaming. Still stings on the face. Shame it was an LE

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The Stirling Glacials are the coldest soaps. Actually there’s a match for them now. There’s Bundubeard Kameelperd’s Kick from South Africa which is so powerful that it’s neck and neck with them.