Schick Proline B Fronkencart


I was asked on another forum how I did it.

An empty Proline B cart
A Schick key cart filled with Proline B blades.

Components of a Schick 'Chick' cart. Originally housed 7 blades. I transferred all the Proline B blades to it a few months ago. The injector mechanism is held by the two holes on the casing and is easily separated.

Components of the Proline B cart. This is more difficult to separate as the black plastic end cap clips on to the mechanism. Once carefully removed, the mechanism can be separated from the casing. The two holes on the case are in the same relative position.

End cap modification. Using a fret saw or equivalent.
Cut a section on the left of the cap for the key.
Cut off the top central lip level with the cap face. I found an emery board useful for smoothing.
Cut out a small section on the top right for the injector slider.

Parts for the Fronkencart

Completed Fronkencart


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How did you transfer the blades from the B-20 to the other injector ?
I imagine he loaded the blades in one stack from the rear (opposite the key) which is wide open in the photos. You just gently compress the spring-loaded platform that the blades rest on, and slide the stack of blades in. Similar to reloading a PEZ candy dispenser.
I mean you could load each blade individually from the front, but that would be time consuming and dangerous.


How did you transfer the blades from the B-20 to the other injector ?
With very great care. You obviously need an empty injector cart.
Load each blade into the key cart in reverse, keeping the blade edge clear of the edge. The first blade is the most awkward to get over the two springs. Use either your fingernail or a paper clip to slide over each clip. Once the first blade is seated each subsequent blade will be easier to load. Just take your time. One other thing. I do not accept responsibility for any possible injuries.

Edit, I wrote the above before the subsequent replies, thanks Erik. And yes I wanted to keep the Proline labelling.
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Thank you both for taking the time to post this and answer my questions , I am just starting out with injectors and people speak highly of the B20 blades but I wasn't sure how to load them. I of course except full liability :) thanks for sharing.