Saturday 6 March- Friday 12 March 2021


Pre: Shower
Brush: Silver Birch Brushes - Blue Resin 26mm Silvertip
Soap: OSP Old Gold
Razor: Focus R28
Blade: 0.5 Gillette 7'O'C Black (3)
Post shave: Cold water splash, TC's Infused Witch Hazel
Balm: Barts Balm Rosemary and Sandalwood Balm
Aftershave: Pashana Original

I really enjoyed todays shave, 1st use of the "new" OSP Old Gold, it is right up my street, not as strongly scented as the Spiced Road but very nice all the same.
A face lather today with the SBB wall of badger, the brush held plenty of good stuff for the shave.
I completed a 2 pass shave routine with a little touch up on the "whirlpools" giving me a very comfortable DFS++ finish. i find this razor so comfortable and easy to use.
A nice post shave routine finishing with a new to me splash, Pashana original aftershave, i can see its not for everyone, although, i think it matches the Old Gold quite well, a real old fashioned leathery barbershop smell, so far i like it.
Other deliveries today are a bottle of Bowling Green 1st sniff and i can see its something i will really get on with and 3 bottles of Pinaud, Whisky Woods, Gents Gin and Brandy Spice all to be tested later.

** So sorry to here about your bad new Barry @Palmolive fox, i have been through it twice, both times i manged to find better paid jobs at a higher level before i actually finished the old one, Good luck mate, sometimes its a blessing in disguise. **

Stay safe and enjoy your day All


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Razor: RazoRock Lupo .72
Blade: Gillette Platinum (3)
Brush: FS 26mm Silvertip
Soap: OSP Urban Viking
Pre: Proraso Blue
ASL: OSP Urban Viking
ASB: None

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Final shave with the Lupo 72. It skipped on my neck again and I picked up a weeper when trying to counter it. Skin was taught and the lather was on point. I just think this head isn't for me. Interesting as this is the blade gap I'd have chosen initially if I could only have one. I now know that I prefer the 95. I don't think I'll hang on to this one.
Bloody hell boyce. Look at the knot on that brush !,! Shame about the razor. What you gonna do move it on? Many respects. J.


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Razor: Timeless SS 0.68
Blade: Gillette Nacet
Brush: Shavemac 386 Synth
Pre: King C. Gillette Beard & Face Wash
Lather: Stirling Black Cherry
Post: Bull Dog Sensitive ASB

Out again with the Stirling Black Cherry, love the stuff!
This is actually a second tub I had to order since last saturday when my first one came, this one arrived today.
My son (16) who is a young, dedicated, traditional wetshaver has claimed my first tub & we agree it's our favourite out of everything we have.

Lovely colours, especially, that brush handle. 👍


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The brush is a beauty. Great for those that love a big soft flopper - not for those that like something a bit stiffer.

The stars aligned with the 72 and it's found a new owner that was looking for one.
I've got a similar brush anvil shaving I love it. Nice cha he from pushing my neck to the side every time I make a lather with one of my former brushes and good great news. Many respects. J.


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Thur 11th March

Jayaruh Syn No67
L’Occitane. Cade cream
RR Hawk V3 OC
Kai Captain Titan Mild Pink ( 7 )
Puig Quorum A/S Lotion

Used a cream today from my dwindling stock, as nowadays I tend to use hard soaps/ croaps. As usual used too much which made the Shave go well,probably got one more go on this blade.



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Thursday AM 2021-03-11
Lawrence Welk Birthday, 1903. I was coerced into taking dancing lessons at a Welk studio when I was 13, and I had a crush on one of the instructors, Barbara Boylan from the TV show.

Rooney 1/2 Faux Horn Finest (24/50)
Floris Santal shaving cream (vintage)
Wolfman WR2-SB 0.95/WRH3
Personna Super Platinum Chrome (5)
Floris Santal aftershave

adrian ivanovici

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ES Outlaw Standard.
New Astra blade.
Brush: Synthetic ES. medium jock.
Preshave Proraso Red.
ES BayRum
Aftershave: Gerovital with hyaloronic acid.

Lathering: 1 half sample, as you take with your pinky finger. I started to mix: 20 sec of foamy lather, 60 sec satin lather, fine, creamy. Jumps out of the bowl all over the bathroom.
A familiar smell fills my nostrils. The whole bathroom transforms and reminds me of the Turkish hammam smell.
Application: Apply proraso preshave. Nothing new.
I lift the brush rich in content and start applying the lather.
The brush does not feel on the face, as if you are using fluff on the skin. The lather makes its edges again and finds its place throughout the sink. The face feels fresh, relaxed by the presence of lather.

First WTG pass: I let the razor do its job without pressure. It slides smoothly on the cheek, without problems, without too much blade feel. I pass the neck and chin. The blade begins to send audio feedback. I feel that it is a close cut of the whisker to the skin and I am afraid not to press, not to make a bloodbath.

Let's move on to the mustache: incredible! I don't feel a thing, but the blade cuts precisely. I make the mistake of forcing pressure on the corner of my lip, razor burn steps in, no drama. Respect the Outlaw! It tells you when you shouldn't press. Let the weight work for you.

I wash, I lather up again. I smell the hammam within my nostrils. I already feel like I'm on vacation.

XTG second pass on the cheek. There's not much left to cut. The device slides smoothly.
Let's move on to chin. The sound of whiskers being cut can be heard again.

ATG on the neck and side of the jawline. I'm still on the second pass. I let the razor do its job. You feel the blade, you feel the generous space between the blade and the base plate.

XTG mustache: total silence. Smooth glide.
I rinse my face with cold water and apply the stone. Pinching under the chin and in the corner of the mouth. Nothing special.

Clean the utensils. I still have lather in the bowl for another 2-3 lathering sessions ... I leave it on the edge of the sink to spread the BayRum smell.
I rinse my face with cold water. Massage my face: On my neck and mustache I feel that I had a waxing session. I pamper my face with a clean towel. I apply the balm.

I take a deep breath before I get out of the bathroom and I wonder: why did I take TOBS sandalwood and not ES BayRum? And what about Feather's blade? Will I still feel the blade on my neck?
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Timeless Aluminum & Gillette Nacet
C & R 27mm Two Band Badger
Ethos/DFS Colonia soap
Ethos/DFS Colonia skin food splash
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa

Crisp & refreshing. A wonderful Italian style colonia soap from Ethos Grooming essentials that delivers in both citrus, neroli and smooth woods. Performance was/is as expected, elite. Just a superb shaving experience that drowns the user in an intoxicatingly Old & New World infusion of aromas. A wonderful evening and shaves to all....


11032021 ---.jpg

Bath soap : Scottish Men's Grooming _ Thistle and Black Pepper.
Pre Shave : Truefitt and Hill _ Ultimate Comfort Oil
Brush : Yaqi _ Timber Wolf 26mm
Shaving Soap : Czech and Speake _ No. 88
Razor : Yaqi _ Blue Handle + Knight Helmet Head
Blade : Perma Sharp #1
Alum : Captain Fawcett Alum Bar
Face Tonic : Thayer's _ Rose Petal
After Shave Lotion : Parfums Blue _ Blue Stratos
After Shave Balm : Myrsol _ Emulsion
Eau de Toilette : Parfums Blue _ Blue Stratos