Saponificio Varesino alternative


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I love the performance of SV soaps, but the scents are faint and "not obvious enough" for me. Is there another soap that performs very similarly to SV but has a better selection of scents? Bonus points for being vegan, but not necessarily.

I have the usual suspects from Wholly Kaw, A&E, Murphy McNeil, Oleo, Barrister, MDC etc. I do love the MDC scents particularly, but SV performs better for me.


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Yea, Tabac for sure. If you can't smell Tabac you are olfactory impaired. Great performing soap for me.



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I love Tabac, and the Fine range too.

Extro Cosmesi, I don't know but will investigate, thanks!


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I wish their body soaps were more accessible in the US. They're fantastic.

Haven't tried their shaving soap, but Arko if you like the scent, Tabac, Catie's Bubbles, and Stirling.


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Pannacrema Nuavia, does not lack in scent strength, and gives excellent lather; I have also had good luck with Siliski Soaps, which I believe to be the best artisan vegan option...

I must also agree with the Catie's Bubbles suggestion, wonderful performer and hearty scents...


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I think the SV soaps are THE BEST. I keep trying others...lots of others, but I always come back to Dolomit, Stela Alpina and Arctic Tundra...... best subtle scents and amazing performance - and they seem to last forever. For my $, SV is the all time winner. But i got a lot of new stuff coming tomorrow so my opinion may change......:wink:.


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Extro - not for me
Next, will try Signature I think :) Would be nice to support a British artisan.