Safety Shoes / Boots

Northam Saint

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Can anyone recommend any lightweight safety shoes or boots. I have a pair of Scruffs Steel Toe Cap Boots for the workshop at work. But with the arthritis in my knee I’m finding them a bit on the heavy side. I’ve seen some lightweight ones with composite caps, how do they measure up safety wise ? Worse case scenario would be 22mm Low Carbon Steel or a set of Stillson’s being dropped on them.


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I wear timberland split rock pros.
Very light weight.
Not the best for building sites as the leather is quite soft but for a workshop they will be great.
I got some Gevavi SB (1230/00) rated clogs the other day I wanted something I could just slip on for gardening, chopping wood and such with some toe protection and thorn through the sole protection. they feel light to me but ...