Russian Start (CTAPT) DE razor - choice of plates


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Contact: Sergei at (via He appears to speak English. I usually correspond in Russian with Russian vendors using an online translator.

Have a look at the above website for the latest clone-of-a-clone razor. Looks very nice, and very like the Timeless system. Choice of safety bar .69, .90 and 1.18 plates and there's an OC .90 plate too. Prices are 1,800 roubles each for the top and bottom plates, equals about £23. So that's Karve territory.

According to user feedback the OC was equivalent to a Fatip Grande but more comfortable, and also similar to the Karve OC C plate. I had the Timeless OC .95 and it seems to me that would also be a fair comparison - it was just a touch more efficient than my Grande but not as efficient as the Timeless Bronze OC .78 which I had and quite liked. The Bronze was a touch less efficient than the R41 and Karve OC E plate I use right now. This is the perfect level of efficiency for me. It seems to me based on what I'm hearing that the CTAPT OC .90 would be less efficient than the OC E plate or the R41. I'm very curious, but in my case I'd have to reluctantly pass on anything less efficient than a R41. This leaves the safety bar 1.18. I generally use only OC heads, but open to suggestions. Anyone tried the 1.18?

Anyway, for most shavers this is pitched right in Timeless/Karve/ATT territory and well priced. It would be nice to see a more efficient OC plate in time, but I'm probably at the extreme end of efficiency and this should please fans of the GameChanger .84 and similar DEs. There are some aluminium versions in the pipeline, and a variety of handles. Looks very promising.

CTAPT OC .90.jpg


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Thank you for this, I’m going to give one a go
Have gone for the lower 0.69 plate. Looks very nicely made.