Rocnel SE-G - Any Experience With this One Gents?


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Dear All,

Thanks to another member (thank you Clouds!), I have finally been able to locate and obtain a Rocnel SE-G. The closest razor I have to the SE-G is a Blackland Sabre (L1 and L2) and was wondering how the Rocnel SE-G compared to the Sabre L2. If any of you have any input or insight, it would be greatly appreciated. I keep reading that that this is gonna be an aggressive beast of a shaver, but I have a coarse beard and only shave 2-3 times a week. Thanks in advance. Pics below:



Damn thing gracefully sinister.......


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I have the original Sabre, as well as the SE-G. The Rocnel is, in my view, much more "aggressive", for want of a better description, than the other. Without hauling both out, I recall that the head angles are different, and therefore need a change in technique.

The Blackland is a razor which I can use without too much worry on a bleary-eyed morning, but the SE-G is a "two strong coffees, full concentration" instrument.


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OK, just finished my second shave with the Rocnel SE-G. Much better than the first one as no blood was spilt. Best shave ever this time, no qualifiers. The difference was that I took a metal nail file and rounded the corners of the blade...... it is still not a pussycat, but its not a Sabre-Toothed Tiger now either. Much more comfortable shave - both physically and emotionally. If you all like the single-edge Gem razors, give this one a try. Great efficient shave with just a bit of "face feel" in the end. Really like this razor a lot.
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