Completed riverrun's lending library: Valet Autostrop VC2


Due to ... logistical reasons, razors from my lending library are currently not available.

As part of my ↪'lending library' I'm offering a Valet Autostrop VC2 SE razor.

It is not my favourite razor by all means, but it has steampunk appeal and does give a decent shave.
I'll include some Feather FHS blades and a home made strop so you can see how the stropping mechanism works. The blades do not need stropping! The strop is of rather inferior quality and just included for demonstration purposes.
Here are some home-made instructions on how to change the blade. Click on the image to see it full size.

Normal pass around rules apply: The razor is your responsibility from the moment you receive it until the next person receives it. You break it, you buy it. Make sure it is thoroughly clean and shave ready when you pass it on or return it to me. Use at least ‘signed for’ delivery. Enjoy the shave and let us know what you think.
Postage: TBC - probably £2.30
If you're interested, post in this thread or send a PM to @sɐǝɹpu∀.
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